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Take a Hike.

Happy Memorial Day!

View from Twin Peaks.

Some articles for your perusal:
1. An article from Fashionista: Why Is It Taking Fashion So Long to Get on Board with Sustainability? I went into this sort of thinking, well, cost, obviously, but it was still a well researched and interesting piece.

2. An interesting peak into the world of trend style forecasting: Fusion

3. Has anyone tried out any Naja bras or underwear? Their new, Nude for All campaign is very striking, and it is co-founded by Gina Rodriguez, from Jane the Virgin, fame, a show I wholeheartedly adore: Refinery29
4. And lastly, this week's Bill Cunningham, On the Street seemed to be a sign that I finally should buy an off-the-shoulder top. I've thought about it, but not pulled the trigger since last summer, and it looks like there are a lot of cute possibilities:

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