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      I spent the Memorial Day weekend in Colorado, enjoying the beautiful views and witty repartee that only people who've been friends for a decade can have. I'm not much of an outdoors-man (that is probably putting it mildly) but I was pretty charmed by the mountains, wildlife and sleepy town. I was also astounded by how at a higher altitude (1) you can feel sort of sick, especially if you don't drink enough water, and (2) how much more slowly eggs cook. 

     My outfits were of the more practical variety, as you can see from the image below. I was also able to do a little shopping, and was pleasantly surprised by my two purchases. The first was an insanely soft hoodie by the new-to-me company Naketano. I love the cowl neck, thick rope strings, and leather accents. While it doesn't seem like they have much of a web presence, it looks like it is a German company. The second was a baseball cap with the flag of Colorado on it, painstakingly chosen after going to every souvenir shop in the main town and surveying all available caps. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a good weekend!

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