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TV Land
     Do you watch the tv show, Younger? It is on a channel called TV Land and is currently just starting its fifth season. The show has an upbeat cast of characters although the plot, to be honest, has sort of ebbed and flowed over the 5 seasons. The main reasons I always look forward to this show are (1) Sutton Foster (who plays Liza) and (2) the fashion. Sutton Foster is a Tony award winning actress and overall charming lady. The fashion in the show is curated by costume designers Patricia Field (of SATC fame) and Jacqueline Demeterio (click here to read more about their process).

     The premise of the show is that the 40-year-old main character Liza Miller is starting over, having recently gotten a divorce from a philandering loser who blew their life savings gambling. She needs to get a job but has been out of the workforce for years, raising her daughter, and has to lie about her age in order to start over and get a job in publishing, her previous field. The plot thickens as she has to keep the lie going, especially after she starts dating a 20-something tattoo artist and bumping into people that know about her old life.
     Wardrobe (and hair and makeup) are the primary way that her transformation takes shape, and you see her slowly develop a personal style in her new life. Unfortunately this post is mostly going to feature TV Land promo images, because the ones I took did not turn out great, but you'll get the gist of it. Above is an image of Liza from the first season. The outfits do a good job of making her look "youthful" in the sense that they incorporate a lot of trendy items to make the outfits feel very in the moment. Obviously though, I think that women of all ages can wear these pieces. I mostly love that no matter what, the whole cast is colorful, interesting and creatively dressed. 
     There is a lot of attention to details in the wardrobe, as you can see in everything from the highlights in her hair, the elbow patches and her boss, Diana's coat and earrings (who is excellently played by Miriam Shor). Whenever I watch, I always come away reinvigorated to wear more accessories and prints. On this show, more is more.
Oh yea, Hilary Duff is here too.
If you are looking for a fun show, I strongly recommend Younger.

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