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DIY: T-shirt Repurpose

      Are you looking for distraction? Do you have a sewing machine? This shirt project, which essentially consists of Frankenstein-ing two tops together, was inspired by a vlog post by Letitia Kiu. It was also the only time one of those "recommended" videos on the right side of YouTube has come through for me. I instantly loved this idea and think it would be a fun project to do with friends (you know, one day, when it doesn't feel negligent to be in someone's house or wear their clothes). You could all bring those leftover 5k/work event/volunteering tees that you sometimes wear to bed but mostly just live in the back of your closet, and mix and match them into new creations. The sewing is the easy part here (the first one took me about 20 minutes and the second one took much less than that) so if one of you has a sewing machine it wouldn't be too laborious to do that part together as well. (Also, for anyone who sews, I think on future projects like this, since I don't have a serger, a french seam would be the perfect secure, classy seam choice.) 

These were my shirts:
I wanted to preserve a pocket on the palm shirt so I was left with "Wide" instead of "Awake"
          I think this mash-up style would look great on old sweatshirts, hoodies or sweatpants. You could block them together in so many ways: hoodies split down the middle, the front and back or just the sleeves, which is what I did here. I love the way this came out and have already worn this around my apartment 24/7. 
    While ideally this project would breath new life into old clothes, and I'm not proud of this, my approach here was not green. I had resigned myself to waiting to try this DIY out until the next time I could get myself to a thrift store or back with my own discard shirts but then I was doing some socially distant mall-walking (my favorite summer exercise) and saw that H&M had a bunch of sale signs and right at the front were some clothes marked down to 15 aed, which is $4.08. I rifled through and found a few things I liked which became these projects. The good news is I really like the way they came out so they are being worn and I have plans to repurpose the other half of the shirts for sewing projects, so I am at least trying to make sure these new pieces of clothing weren't cut up in vain.

What do you want to piece together? Is this something you'd ever try? Thanks for stopping by.

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