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     So, turns out I'm very into this jean jacket, despite my early reservations. Last week I wore it several days in a row, including on a sunny Friday with this checkered dress. I love how the light color goes with so many things and how it easily dresses down any outfit. I usually wear a leather jacket with this dress, but it was too warm for that, so I picked up the denim jacket instead and popped the collar because it felt right. 

Headed South

     A few weeks ago I mentioned my friend, Cait and how she was soon embarking on an epic adventure. Well, this coming week it is happening, so I wanted to share a link to her new blog Headed South. She and her partner-in-crime will be spending the next year traveling from Alaska to Argentina by bicycle. Not by motorcycle. Bicycle. It's a crazy feat of endurance and perseverance much less the adventure of a lifetime. I'm very sad to lose her company for a year but also so excited for them and excited to follow along on their journey.
     How's a girl to soften the blow a bit? I guess by wearing safeguarding some of Cait's clothes while she is gone. I mean, this dress would otherwise be so sad in storage for a year. Now it gets to hang out with me. 


     Well, I never thought I would buy a light washed jean-jacket in my adulthood, and yet here we are. Isn't it a little weird how that trend-creep often happens? First, you see the item in question and decide it isn't for you. Often, with these things you first have a strong reaction, it's not just a no, but a hell no. Then, you start to see the garment everywhere and your position is only strengthened.