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To Sell (Out)?

At the open mic night. | Alice + Olivia Jacki Dress

     For the last 6 years or so I've been very into New Year's resolutions. I like them to be specific, light-hearted and not time-bound (other than within the year) so that you can't have already failed in February. For me, the resolution is usually something that I already want to do but reinforces that it should be prioritized for that year.  Past resolutions have included: start a blog (check), perform at an open mic night (check), learn to sew (check), take a kite surfing lesson (check - turns out kite surfing is not for me) and last year's was: do a pull-up (half-check - I've been getting much stronger and am now able to do one chin-up). 

    One of the resolutions that I have been mulling over for 2022 is to try selling something that I've made. I had a full closet before I ever sewed my first piece of clothing but I don't plan on stopping sewing anytime soon. I like making things as a way to tap into my creative side, have fun and relieve stress. If I keep sewing in order to reap those rewards it makes sense to send items off with other people who might like them, instead of letting them sit unused or infrequently used in my closet (and assuming there are any other people out there that would like them). 

Malhia Kent

Malhia Kent
     Happy New Year! I thought I'd start the year off by talking about a trip from 6 months ago, when I visited Paris and one of the coolest fabric stores I've ever seen. The store is Malhia Kent, which makes fabrics for haute couture and pret-a-porter brands. All their fabrics are made in France and while you can't buy the designs that they produce for haute couture brands, their storefront is PACKED with other offcuts and small samples. Usually all these little pieces are 10 euro a meter, but I happened to be there during a rare sale, so they were half-off. They also sell fabric on the roll by the meter and while I don't remember the full price for those it was quite a bit more (understandably so - they are gorgeous). The store is also cash only, so I sent my main squeeze to find an ATM and I started picking through the tables, contemplating how much fabric I could squeeze into my carry-on luggage. I found some amazing pieces and spent the first few weeks just staring at them. Finally, I got up the nerve to cut into one of the pieces and make a garment.