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Up the Steps

I love summer. It might not be warm yet in the Bay Area (hence the jacket), but when the sun is out and shining, it feels like we are almost there!
Top last worn with the matching pants, here.

I've been looking for a comfortable and well-made pair of flats with a little bit of personality, that I can wear on the weekend or to work. Talk about a tall order - I tried about five other flats before I tried the Pinky by Coclico. I've sung the brand's praises before, and so far, I like their flats as much as I like their heels. 

Thrift Tuesday - March 24

Today, we have a Thrift Tuesday double feature:
Rag & Bone Tank - The Real Real  
Retail: $150.00
Paid: $30.00 

Paige Skyline Jeans - Goodwill
Retail: $158.00
Paid: $7.00

The unpredictable nature of shopping secondhand requires an open mind. However, this doesn't mean you can't be prepared, so you can capitalize when you do find something with potential. 

These jeans are a perfect example. Paige is one of my favorite denim brands: the company had a female founder, they offer petite sizing, and it is based in Los Angeles. Also, as their sizing is consistent, when I saw these in my size, I knew I could scoop them up without having to try them on, and there was a good chance they'd fit. This particular Goodwill had limited dressing rooms and there was a line of people waiting, so if I'd had to wait to try them on, I might have just passed. Knowing beforehand what sizes you are in brands like Banana Republic, J. Crew and Ann Taylor, can be helpful when shopping at Goodwill.

Transamerica Pyramid

Thrift Tuesday - May 17

Welcome to the first installation of Thrift Tuesday!
Much of my wardrobe is made up of clothing purchased secondhand, either from thrift, consignment or other resale stores, and I wanted to use this weekly segment to highlight some of the pieces I've found recently. It can take a little more work to find gems when shopping secondhand, but, as I enjoy the thrill of the hunt, I say bring it on.

Tibi Slip Dress - Crossroads Trading Co. 
Retail: $395
Paid: $37.50 (paid for with CTC giftcard)

This print of this dress is what first caught my eye. I wasn't sure a slip dress would be a good look for me, as I am not curvy and the cut of a slip dress is very straight up-and-down. I think, in this case, the bright, repeating pattern adds visual interest that keeps it from looking so shapeless or like actual sleepwear. I also added the leather jacket to give it some edge. 

I found this hanging up in the top row of a Crossroads Trading Co. I'm not if they do this in all the Crossroads, or just the few I have been in, but there are usually a few pieces that are hung up around the perimeter of store, almost hanging from the ceiling. Usually these are "nicer" brands, items that are more expensive, and pieces often in excellent condition. This dress was no exception, and I was pleased to see that it was 100% silk, and fully lined.

Until next week, here are a few other slip dress and leather jacket options, arranged from lower to higher priced.