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I was stopping to get some food and saw a boutique I'd never heard of called 8telier. They had a sign in the window that they were having a special sale, and I decided I'd quickly look in, only to find out that the sale was 50% off everything in the store, including sale items (which is always the best). I guess they are a newish brand and were trying to clear out the store in anticipation of the next season's clothing. The designer is based in Seattle, and, per the saleslady, they are committed to modern, architectural clothing that is practical (i.e., almost everything in the store was machine washable).  

This dress was actually styled on the manikin as as top (and try as I might I cannot get it tied up in a big loose bow the way it was shown) but I was pleasantly surprised to see it was actually a dress, It would have made a great beach cover-up in Hawaii, but for now I'm content wearing it as-is, or with a sweater for work.

 Definitely a happy accident for me. I guess the moral of the story is always investigate a window sale sign. 

Workplace PJs + Weekend Reading

This week my posts have been very work-wear focused, and I thought I'd wrap it up with the equivalent of workplace pajamas. Everything here is soft, loose, and machine washable. Except the jewelry (natch). This top is also from the socially conscious brand Everlane, and my tank is made in USA and feels as soft as a puppy's tummy. I am ready for this long week to be over and to get some rest! Good thing I'm already dressed for it = ) 
Sweater | Everlane Cotton Sweater  - Read my review here + (Another cozy option)
Top | Lanston
Pants | Gap
Shoes | J. Crew Cece Flat (certain colors on sale) 
Earring (bar) | Kathleen Whitaker 
Speaking of jewelry, I forced myself to put on earrings, a ring, and a necklace today. I'm basically heavily adorned by my standards. I recently got the Kathleen Whitaker Long Staple Stud in silver, and I love how long the bar is. I think it looks cool with most of my other earrings and it allows me to fully utilize the ear piercings that I have. 

Pop of color with the shoes.

And now, some reading for your weekend perusal:
1. With such fun photos: "Meet the Woman who Smashes Makeup For a Living" (Racked)

2. Over at GoFugYourself, a roundup of some of Michelle Obama's best dresses: GoFugYourself (she really is the most fashionable FLOTUS)

3. At Glossy, an interview with 6 millenials to find out how they shop. What do you think - is this how you shop? 

4. Lastly, is this Rent-a-Swag come to life: The Rise of the Stich-Fix for Kids, Children's Clothing Model (Glossy)

Have a great weekend!

If you had to wear the same work outfit for a week, what would it be?

This post is inspired by one that Adina of BlueCollarRed Lipstick did a bit back about the platonic closet. Essentially, she went through and picked one item in each category of her closet, that was most indicative of her personal style. I don't currently have the time (and maybe, if we are being honest, the discipline) to complete this exercise myself but I have been thinking about it and realized that I do have an ideal work outfit, and if I had to wear it every day for a week, this would be it. I think it nicely incorporates my love of solids, unique subtle details, and streamlined silhouettes.
Top | Ted Baker Osster Embellished Top (very similar, in pink)
Pants | Diane von Furstenberg Gennifer 2
Shoes | Coclico Pink Flat
First off, it definitely involves pants - they protect you from over-zealous office air-conditioning, and you can sit cross-legged if the need ever arises. These pants were a Nordstrom Rack find, and are incredibly comfortable. They are navy (my neutral of choice) but have a little bit of a textured fabric (it is sort of hard to see this in the photo) which make them a little more interesting. Plus, there are pockets, so I can carry my phone and clip my office badge onto my pants. I'm not sure how many of you have to wear office badges but it is terrible when you come into work and realize you have nothing to clip it to and then you forget to carry it and subsequently get locked in an elevator bay...hypothetically speaking.
For my top, I have found a blouse that is essentially a pumped up solid. I love the embellishment on this shirt and it helps make up for the fact that I otherwise don't wear a lot of jewelry. The fabric is stretchy and comfortable, and the collar makes it a little more professional, balancing out the short sleeves. 
Close up of the textures. Also of wrinkles. Wrinkles are sort of a texture though.
Upon reviewing these photos, I have decided this look could use some earrings. Or maybe a ring. I finished the outfit with my favorite flats, and boom - I'm ready to work. 
Lastly, this is a shot of the shirt with a skirt, which isn't part of my ideal outfit, but just to show how darn versatile this top is. Do you have a work-piece that embodies your personal style? If you don't - what would it look like?

Weekday Jeans

Unexpectedly, over the last two years at work, there has been a creep in my office from jeans being acceptable only on Friday, to acceptable any day of the week. I think this is a fantastic development, and while I'm sure someone will eventually wear a pair of acid wash jeggings and ruin it for the rest of us, until then, I'm capitalizing. When I wear jeans midweek, I always try to otherwise look pretty polished. I only wear dark-wash jeans, no holes or distressing (duh) and, fitted but not too tight. Here, I completed the look with a classic black blazer and ankle boots.
Blazer | Theory
Top | Jolie

Jeans | DL1961
Boots | Rachel Comey Mars
Do you get to wear jeans during the week? Does anyone actually own a pair of acid washed jeggings? Have we come so far in stretch-denim developments that every pair of jeans is basically jeggings!? I don't even know what to believe anymore.

Saturday Reading

I'm determined to get some exercise in this weekend.

Just a quick post today, with some reading for your Saturday perusal:

1. Over at The Cut - 25 Famous Women on Periods

2. A chat with the costume designer of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Also, I watched this show a bit but never got that into it, but I do enjoy their musical numbers (Racked).

3. At the NYT, a thoughtful report on the Bill Cunningham memorial (NYT).

4. . Lastly, I find the, "73 Questions with Vogue" video series to generally be so awkward, but I have to say that this was probably the least awkward one I've seen (I know, a ringing endorsement if you ever heard one):

Style Dtour: Austin

Hat | Frankie Jean
Today, I bring you a special *friends* edition of Style Dtour, from a trip to Austin. It was my first time in Austin, actually my first time in Texas, and my only regret is that nobody said "howdy" to me the entire time I was there! To compensate, I bought the above, adorable hat. My fearless friends were kind enough to allow me to document their style, and in my humble opinion, our summer dress game was pretty on point.

C : "I love the length and shape of this dress. The long narrow skirt is flattering and adds a little sophistication to an otherwise casual summer tank dress. It was my first Everlane purchase, and I'm very happy with the quality of the cotton." 
I totally agree - seeing her in this made me want to go out and buy this dress. 
Dress | Everlane Cotton Striped Tank Dress
Jewelry; | Mau cuff; Etten Eller necklace
Shoes | Will Leather Goods 

A: "The dress is from Loft and the sweater is from Stitch Fix." 
I love this color on A, and the way she contrasted the turquoise necklace with the jewel tone of the dress. 
Dress | Loft
Cardigan | Stitch Fix
Shoes | Rainbows
J: " I love this dress because it is flippy and fun, but also really soft, forgiving, and... has POCKETS. I wear it to work with a blazer or, obviously, out with friends."  
Preach! I obviously also have a weak spot for a dress with pockets. I also love the way she mixes and matches her jewelry. 
Dress | Loft
Shoes | Jerusalem Sandals
Jewelry | Stella and Dot, Fitbit 
J: "It's Xhilaration from Target and the shoes are rainbows." 
I was so happy when I saw J in this dress. It is adorable and has elements of another style that she and I both love: overalls. 
Dress | Xhilaration
Shoes | Rainbows
D: Lastly, I present my own outfit. I really love the back of this dress, and think it is quite cute, but I wish it were not white. I've almost worn it several times for wedding and wedding-adjacent events, but each time I'm like, oh yea, can't wear white. I am considering just taking matters into my own hands and dying it.
Dress | Alice + Olivia Vinny Embroidered Cotton Cut-Out Dress
Shoes | Paul Green
Bralette | American Eagle 
 Thanks for reading!

Floral Photo-bomb

Top | Bobeau
Pants | Paige
Clutch | Mansur Gavriel 
 Is it technically a photo bomb if the person has no idea it is happening? The number one question I am asked about this blog is, "who takes your photos". The answer is, I do, through a combination of a camera, an iPhone, a tripod, and flat surfaces that are about the right height to act as a tripod. Since I haven't been doing this long, I still feel awkward and a little self conscious when I'm taking photos, although no one has ever stopped and asked me what I'm doing. Not even this lady:
 I guess that means I should just calm down about my photo shoots, and that people don't really even notice. Does anyone out there who also takes their own photos have any tips or tricks?

A Tale of Two Shoes

I'm like a Dickensian clothes-horse today, as I've got a tale of two shoes.They probably could not be more different (other than the fact that they are both open toe) but yet they both work with this weekend outfit. First up, its the crunchy hippie classic - the Birkenstock. 
When I first saw these sandals come back into the main stream (fully realizing that for some people, they never left) I told myself it was trendy nonsense and I would not buy a pair, which is basically like a cosmic guarantee that I would end up owning one. Even though my parents, and my friends, make fun of me, I love them. They are sooooo comfortable, and I think kind of cute. It is also a little hard to make out in these photos, but these have white, patent straps, and pink soles. The Birkenstock website says "...add 31 to women's US size and 33 to men's US sizing to determine Birkenstock size". For me, that ended up running a full size large, and it could depend on the kind you are interested in. These are the Arizona, purchased through Amazon, but you can find them on sale lots of places (Amazon, 6pm, etc.)
Top | J Crew Made in America (under $20 - I am in xx-small)
Skirt | Kate Spade
Shoes | Birkenstock Arizona
 On the opposite end of the spectrum, are these tasseled Tory Burch beauties. I found them at Nordstrom Rack (where I feel like I buy all my shoes these days), and they were marked down on clearance, with an extra 25% off. I honestly did a mini triumphant fist pump in the shoe section, and tried them on immediately. They match this skirt, and bring out the orange thread, although I can't wait to wear them with jeans or solid colored dresses for a little visual punch. 

They are like shoe piñatas. 

What is your favorite pair of sandals, and will you wear them long after open-toe weather has faded away? Any recent purchases that made you giddy?

Color Block.

Blazer | The Row
Top | Vanessa Bruno Ath
é (consignment)
Pants | DL1961
Shoes | Cole Haan
I'll keep it short today, since the star of this outfit is this awesome color block blazer from The Row, which I purchased heavily discounted on The Real Real. The Row is the ultra-lux, minimalist brainchild of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (yup, those Olsen's) and I appreciate a lot of the details they put into their clothing. For example, the shiny snap buttons, the soft knit fabric, and the fact that this blazer has 4 pockets! Two on the outside and two on the inside. Also, the two tone exterior is something I hadn't seen elsewhere, and is both versatile and interesting. Way to go, Olsen's. Way to go.
Since it was drizzling this morning, I topped it off with this swing coat from Banana Republic.
Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks Jaime Chung

Dress | J. Crew
Jacket | Elie Tarhari for Kohl's
Jewelry | Gabriela Artigas Cigar Band Ring
This outfit is full of pieces that punch above their weight. First up, this awesome J. Crew dress that I bought in-store year's ago for $35. Yup, $35. I put it on and it fit so well I bought one in black, and one in blue. It is fully lined, has an interesting back, and it has pockets. I've dressed it down with a black blazer and heels for work, and added a leather jacket and statement shoes to wear to a wedding. 
This angle was surprisingly difficult to take.

 The faux-suede jacket is from a collaboration that Elie Tahari did with Kohl's back in 2014. I saw a photo of Jaime Chung wearing it, on people.com I think, and I went and purchased it that day, which was unusual, because I had never really thought there was a hole in my wardrobe that necessitated a tan jacket. This one worked out beautifully though, and I wear it all the time, and although it has held up well over the past two years, it is unfortunately starting to fray a bit. I hope it hangs in there for a few more years, or that Jaime Chung brings me new jacket inspiration.
Boom. (original photo from People.com)
I rounded off the look with a bold (ok, let's be real, still pretty minimal and understated) ring (which is made in LA), and some interesting and comfortable flats (which I wrote about in this post).
Here's the whole shebang. 
Thanks for reading!