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Style Dtour - Hawaii (Part 2)

The view is ok I guess...
Just a few more shots today, mostly focused on swimsuit cover-ups and swimsuit alterations.

Look at that posture!
This first top is just the same shirt mentioned here. This swimsuit top is an old Billabong one, and I don't see it being sold anymore. The absolute best part is that I did not properly apply sunscreen, and thus developed a nice woven-pattern sunburn on my back.
Lesson learned. 

This next dress is one of my favorites. It is also old, from J. Crew, but I wear it all the time, both to the pool, and just around on hot days. It is very comfortable, the contrast piping around the shoulders, neckline, and hem make it a little more interesting, and, although you can't tell from these photos, it has pockets!
I also wanted to note something that I did not know until recently, although maybe it is fairly obvious to everyone else - did you know you can get a swimsuit tailored? The colorful swimsuit below is Mara Hoffman, and it is a one-piece (I know, so trendy). The straps of the suit tie behind the neck, which I found to be really uncomfortable, and caused too much pressure on the back of my neck, but the suit was cute and otherwise fit really well. I took it to a local tailor and she sewed the straps to the back of the suit, so now each side slips over my arm, and there is no need to tie it. 
I covered it with a really old cover-up from Zara, which I got for free at a clothing swap. 
Thanks for reading! Some other one-piece Mara Hoffman pieces are below:

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