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Best Clothing of 2020 (Me Made)

Top - Bobbinhood Kids Crewneck (Free) /  Pants - Hacked McCall's 7610

     Almost a year ago to the day, I sat down to try and sew my first piece of clothing, turned on my sewing machine, forgot that since I bought it in the States it wasn't the right voltage and then promptly heard a loud pop, followed by the lights in our apartment going out, since I had tripped the circuit breaker. I thought the machine was dead (it's not like I could plug it in again to see if it was still operational) and it felt like the sewing gods were really raining on my parade. A few days later + a voltage transformer I plugged in the machine again and was delighted to find out that only the lightbulb on the machine was blown, and the rest seemed to be working fine. I then sat down and made my first piece of clothing: a laughably bad skirt (sadly I only have the one photo and no pictures of the inside - also please note that one sad button). I knew it was rough but was so psyched that I even styled it and sent a picture to my friends (who still receive way too many photos of my clothes and are continuously supportive). Afterward I watched a few hours of sewing videos and a few days later tried again. The second one was a lot better (and looked a hell of a lot closer to the picture on the pattern).

      I've basically sewn something almost every week since. I've repurposed most of my early (really bad) projects into fabric for testers, linings, pockets etc. but I've kept a few things to remind me of how far I've come. I'm really proud of what I've been able to learn the last year and am so glad I started learning to sew in the age of the internet. With minimal comment, here are some of the projects that I was most excited about or were otherwise important to me over the last year. 

Best Clothing Purchases of 2020 (RTW)

Coclico Sandals
Max Mara Blazer & Citizens of Humanity Jeans (both secondhand), Coclico sandals
If you'll kindly allow me to put on my clothing tunnel-vision goggles for a moment, I thought I'd look through my list and see what my favorite clothing purchases of the year were, as divided into two categories: ready-to-wear and me-made. Today is ready-to-wear (and if you want to travel to years past I have best & worst/superlatives from 2019, 2017 and 2016). 
1. Outdoor Voices Hudson Skort (not an affiliate link) 
     Without a doubt my most worn item of the year was this skort, purchased in January 2020 in size small. I have two actually, one in navy and one in black and I wear them weekly, although honestly probably more like 2-3 days a week. I don't have a ton of photos in them, probably because they are a little more understated/everyday, so here's some love to the wardrobe workhorses. The skirt, made out of leggings material, has a pair of attached shorts underneath, with a phone-sized side pocket on the shorts and a zip pocket on the front of the skirt. They are easy to wear in the heat, the built in shorts make me feel comfortable to wear them when I'm out zipping around on my e-scooter or playing golf and with the pockets I can often go purse free to run errands. This is also currently number one with a bullet on the list of things I'd love to be able to sew for myself. 
Outdoor Voices Review
Left: Levi's jean jacket and Bally purse (both secondhand)
Right: Me made top, Finding Nemo bandaid