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Outfit Deep-Dive of the Film, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

I started watching this movie on a flight and was instantly drawn-in by the outfits and costumes. Because the flight was going to end before I could finish the movie I started jumping around and trying to see as many of the costume changes as I could - so needless to say I'm a little hazy on the plot. (Also this movie is from 1953 and centers around the shenanigans of two showgirls suspected of being gold-diggers by the rich father of a love-interest, so you know, maybe not a huge loss there.) GPB stars Marilyn Monroe (playing Lorelei Lee) and Jane Russell (playing Dorothy Shaw), who come across as talented and beautiful and both wear the heck out of every single thing in this movie. 
     Seeing their outfits makes me want to dig out anything I have that's tailored, pay more attention to accessories, and has ignited in me a lust for the perfect red lipstick to wear casually (which is saying something since I typically wear lipstick about once a year). 
I mean, this is how the main characters are dressed in the opening musical number:
I took all the photos myself, via screenshot, so the quality isn't always great. 
     The incredible fit and over the top sparkle won me over immediately and I'm pleased to report that they both wear that bold red lip for the entire film. This striking visual start was followed closely by this next look, which is when I stopped what I was doing, paused the movie and played it back a few times to see what exactly was going on here. 

Dress the Part

Hi there. I've recently had quite the shakeup, relocating from my old home in San Francisco to a new one in Dubai (for the short-term, about the next 1.5 to 2 years). I know I want to do something to capture, preserve and otherwise process this experience and this space came to mind, although I'm not sure it'll end up staying here. 
When I mention the move people have a lot of questions about Dubai and I feel like I have more questions than answers at this point. As of today I'm about a week + a handful of days into this new transition and I want to zoom in and just talk about something I do know something about: my outfits. 

Clothes always help ground me to a situation, whether I want to be confident in a meeting, joyful at a wedding, or whimsical on a weekend. You can't go outside naked, so "what do I wear" is a question that at least flits through all of our brains on a day-to-day basis. One way I've been documenting and processing the move is taking an outfit selfie everyday. The clothing experience here is particularly different from what I was used to in California for two main reasons. 

  • The first is the culture. There is a different standard of acceptable dress here and I'd like to be respectful. I've received some conflicting reports on what that means for me as an expat and as a woman. I can seemingly wear most of my wardrobe as is, though, and my plan is to do a lot of people watching (which I love anyway) and get a sense of it for myself. As a result, for the first month or so I plan to lean conservative with my clothing choices. 
  • The second is the weather. I cannot express to you how hot it is here. During the dead of night it is minimum 90 degrees Fahrenheit/32 degrees Celsius.  During the day it climbs to 109/42 degrees F/C. However, not only that, but it is also humid (right?!) and so my phone will report that with the humidity it often "feels like" closer to 121/49 degrees F/C. Currently, I'm only going outside when absolutely necessary, mostly during the small moments when transferring from the air conditioned hotel to the air conditioned Uber to the air conditioned destination (like the mall, more on that later). It also means I always have sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and water. 
Combine those two elements and I'm targeting natural breathable fabrics, light colors, flowy garments and decolletage, shoulders and legs mostly covered. So, here's what we've got so far:


Dress | Maje
Belt | Asos
Jacket | Levi's
     I'm going to take a pause from blogging. I started this blog as a New Year's Resolution (in 2016) and can't believe it has already been over two and half years! I've started to update less and less and find myself wanting to update less and less, so I think a break is in order. I needed a place to put the creative energy that didn't fit elsewhere in my life and this was the perfect receptacle. 
    I'm planning to take the time I spend on this (because even when you have a wildly amateurish blog, it still takes a fair amount of time to take the photos, edit them, write the posts, etc.) and pour it into my 2018 New Year's Resolution: learning to sew. I've always wanted to learn to sew (it'd be amazing to be able to alter my own clothing, even in basic ways) and who knows, I'll probably still update every once a while with outfits I love, sewing projects, reviews or god knows what. 
    I'd certainly say that I've had fun. This was my first ever post and since then I've dragged my friends into this, dressed like the Gilmore Girls for a weekthrown in my two cents (which, momentary sidebar, if you google "American Giant reviews", photos from my review are freaking first-page-of-Google-images, which is nuts to me), gotten married, dyed my hair pink, and most importantly, finally started using Adobe Lightroom (but only after my brother kindly bought it for me - some of the quality on those early images is tough to look at haha). If you've read, commented, helped me photograph or just stumbled on here looking for my American Giant review - thank you.  If you have a fashion blog, I still plan on reading and commenting and have a greater appreciation than ever for the work that you put into it - so a double thank you to you.
 Thanks for stopping by!

The Beginner's Guide to Pink Hair: Now What?

dying hair pink
     Ok, so now I have pink hair, but what does that even mean? What surprised me the most was not the color change (although the first morning, when I woke up and looked in the mirror I didn't recognize myself for a minute) but the texture change. Everything you read says your hair texture will change and that is completely true. I'm not mad at it, and I think my stylist did an amazing job shielding my hair from damage as much as she could, I'm just adding my agreement that this is an outcome of bleaching. My hair has always been very soft. It now has a texture that is more like dolls hair, and is a lot dryer. It also tangles. I have to spend a lot more time on it, brushing it frequently as it drys. The upside has been that it is now pretty easy to braid! My hair usually slips out of braid, but this hair doesn't do that. I've been watching a lot of YouTube tutorials and am excited at the braiding possibilities. 

The Beginner's Guide to Pink Hair

     I recently was able to fulfill a longtime dream and have my hair dyed pink. My hair had never been dyed before (that is technically called virgin hair, but I don't love that term, I'm not sure why we need to be referring to hair as virginal) and, in general, I don't have a lot of hair care and styling knowledge. I did as much online research as I could, beforehand, but thought I'd write the kind of reflection I was looking for when I did it, in case anyone else out there has similar ambitions ☺.


     So, turns out I'm very into this jean jacket, despite my early reservations. Last week I wore it several days in a row, including on a sunny Friday with this checkered dress. I love how the light color goes with so many things and how it easily dresses down any outfit. I usually wear a leather jacket with this dress, but it was too warm for that, so I picked up the denim jacket instead and popped the collar because it felt right.