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Headed South

     A few weeks ago I mentioned my friend, Cait and how she was soon embarking on an epic adventure. Well, this coming week it is happening, so I wanted to share a link to her new blog Headed South. She and her partner-in-crime will be spending the next year traveling from Alaska to Argentina by bicycle. Not by motorcycle. Bicycle. It's a crazy feat of endurance and perseverance much less the adventure of a lifetime. I'm very sad to lose her company for a year but also so excited for them and excited to follow along on their journey.
     How's a girl to soften the blow a bit? I guess by wearing safeguarding some of Cait's clothes while she is gone. I mean, this dress would otherwise be so sad in storage for a year. Now it gets to hang out with me. 
Knit Dress
     This knit dress was perfect for a recent sunny but windy day. As it is a bit low cut on me, so I layered a white tee underneath and then added a suede leather jacket. The fringe at the bottom is a fun touch, bouncing when you walk and getting caught up in every gust of wind. 
BlankNYC Suede jacket
Dress | Leo & Sage
Jacket | BlankNYC
Tee | American Giant
Sugnlasses | Warby Parker
American Giant White T-shirt
Do you like to bike? Do you like it enough to do it 50+ miles a day for a year?
Thanks for stopping by.


TV Land
     Do you watch the tv show, Younger? It is on a channel called TV Land and is currently just starting its fifth season. The show has an upbeat cast of characters although the plot, to be honest, has sort of ebbed and flowed over the 5 seasons. The main reasons I always look forward to this show are (1) Sutton Foster (who plays Liza) and (2) the fashion. Sutton Foster is a Tony award winning actress and overall charming lady. The fashion in the show is curated by costume designers Patricia Field (of SATC fame) and Jacqueline Demeterio (click here to read more about their process).


     Well, I never thought I would buy a light washed jean-jacket in my adulthood, and yet here we are. Isn't it a little weird how that trend-creep often happens? First, you see the item in question and decide it isn't for you. Often, with these things you first have a strong reaction, it's not just a no, but a hell no. Then, you start to see the garment everywhere and your position is only strengthened.


      I spent the Memorial Day weekend in Colorado, enjoying the beautiful views and witty repartee that only people who've been friends for a decade can have. I'm not much of an outdoors-man (that is probably putting it mildly) but I was pretty charmed by the mountains, wildlife and sleepy town. I was also astounded by how at a higher altitude (1) you can feel sort of sick, especially if you don't drink enough water, and (2) how much more slowly eggs cook. 

Monday Perusal

Jacket: Uniqlo | Sweater: Gap
   Jeans: Frame | Shoes: Coclico
    Purse | Mansur Gavriel 
     I plan to get back on the posting horse with a few recent outfits and some additional fun conference dressing. Also, here is a link roundup, because it has been a while and a lot has happened. 

For your early-week perusal:
1. There really is no other place to start than the dress. What did you think? I loved the tiara but wished the sleeves had fit better. I was also going to argue she needed more embellishment but then Robin Givhan changed my mind.

For Funs Sake - Part 2

Dress | Self-Portrait
Shoes | Manolo Blahnik
    Today I present Part-the-Second of my photo shoot, featuring partner-in-crime Cait. In addition to being fashionable, she is also an adventurer, and is embarking on an epic bicycle trip soon. She is starting her own blog where you can follow along on the journey and I will follow up with a link when it launches. In the meantime, let's all appreciate her Self-Portrait dress (which just for the record is lined from the top to the mid-thigh) and Manolo Blahnik heels.