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Review: American Giant

      American Giant is an American-made brand I first heard about a few years ago, when Slate boldly declared that their hoodie was the greatest hoodie ever made. That was back in 2012, before online shopping was quite as ubiquitous as it was today, especially for ethically/sustainable clothing (Everlane, for example, launched in 2011). Flash forward 5 years, and thanks to a well-timed after Christmas sale (I believe the website said it was their first ever sale) I've finally investigated the claims, plus some of their other products, for myself.
The Varsity Jacket - Size XS
     First up, their varsity jacket. I won't spend too much time on this piece, because it isn't available on their website anymore, but will throw in my two cents just in case it ever pops back up. I ordered it because I love the look of a varsity jacket, and because it is Warriors' colors (go Dubs - and as I type this I am watching them just crush the Clippers).
        I absolutely love the construction and quality of this jacket. It feels very sturdy, but yet it isn't stiff. I also get the feeling that it will continue to break-in over time, like a great pair of shoes. I think my biggest takeaway from both this jacket, and their hoodie (review below) is that I am impressed with the fabric. I'm not sure what type of cotton they are using, but it is thick and so substantial feeling. This company clearly prides itself on these items being made in USA, and if this is going to be an example of our workmanship and quality then I am just fine with that. This jacket is way more expensive than the hoodie I got at Target, but I have much higher hopes for it's longevity. 
Bag | Mansur Gavriel Mini-Bucket
Shoes | Asics Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66
I have to say, however, that the yellow turned out to be a little more yellow than I expected. My first thought was that this looks like a Cal Bears or UCLA Bruin's jacket, and I did not attend either of those institutions. I'm currently on the fence about keeping this or sending it back - if it was grey or black I'd never take it off.  
American Giant Review
 The Pant - Size 00
Next up, their product that is called "The Pant". Here is a link to an interesting look by Refinery 29 at the various iterations of the product before they settled on the final version.  This, as far as I can tell, is not supposed to be a yoga or an exercise pant. It is basically a more substantial tights-as-pants situation (which is something I have personally rallied against for years and yet here we are). They are not as compressing as exercise pants, and made from a different fabric - sort-of like if ponte and spandex had a love child. I have worn these to wander around on the weekend, and to the driving range (which seemed like an appropriate sporty but not exercise-y place to wear them).
American Giant The Pant Review
 They have one pocket on the front, and otherwise are pocket-less. I love the fit of the waistband - my biggest complaint about most tights is that the waistband is too tight - but they are a little bit big in the thighs on me, and a little long - you can see bunching on the ankle in the shot below. Ultimately, I like them and am keeping them, but think that with a few minor improvements these could really knock it out of the park. 
American Giant The Pant Review
Proof of pocket.
American Giant The Pant Review
American Giant The Pant Review
 Classic Full Zip Hoodie - Size XS
 Last, but not least, is their hoodie, which I got in the very versatile, forest green, and which I will cut to the chase and say that I really like. It is a cotton hoodie, that has a fleece-lining inside. It is really comfortable but durable, and has small thoughtful design details, such as reinforced elbows (as you can see below) pockets that fit an iPhone (!), AND they put the fleece lining that is inside the jacket in the pockets too! It is, due to the thick cotton and the fleecy-ness, a warmer hoodie, and while it isn't stiff, it is a bit bulky so it might be hard to layer under other jackets or coats. 
 Overall, I'm impressed by American Giant, and appreciate their obsession with just making a few things, and making those things well. Have you ever tried them out? If so, what did you think?

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