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Posing Needs Work

Cardigan - 8telier
Dress - Theory Nutria Crepe Blouse
Shoes - Cole Haan 
I know this pose is a little strange, but I was trying to show the color-contrast of the lining of this cardigan/jacket. Instead, it looks like I should have a bunch of watches hanging from the inside that I am going to try to sell to you.

Photo from Lyst
True story: this dress is actually a tunic top that I had tailored. 
It is a few sizes too large and looked like a dress on me, since, as you can see, it sort of was more mini-dress than tunic-top on the model. (As an aside, the tunic/formal-board-shorts pairing in the stock photo seems like it has a very high degree of difficultly to pull off.) Normally, I wouldn't bother buying something like this that needs immediate tailoring, but it swayed me for a few reasons. I loved the neckline, and as it was heavily discounted and had a pretty simple construction (i.e, just side seams), I took a chance and took it to a tailor. She was able to bring it in on the sides pretty easily, and the end result - a lovely work dress.
The ribbons can be draped, like so, or tied in a bow.
Do you ever take a chance on tailoring? Does it ever work out, or usually end in heartbreak? 


  1. That cardigan jacket is really cool! It makes a good outfit with the top/dress :].

    1. Thanks! It is navy and grey (it sort of looks black in the photos) so I feel like I can wear it with basically anything.