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Lamentation for Fall (Y'all)

Jacket | Secondhand Frame Denim
Skirt | Secondhand Alice + Olivia
Patch | Badaboom Studio

      When we moved here, someone told me that Dubai has two seasons: summer and hell. Thankfully, we are re-entering summer and not a minute too soon. Daytime temps are flirting with the high 90s, nighttime temps are often in the 80s and humidity is only coming sporadically.  I feel the ecstasy of a woman able to go outdoors without her umbrella, sunglasses and chilled water bottle (because even with those things, I nevertheless ended up as a distraught puddle of a person after brief sojourns outdoors). 

Going Country

Thanks Jess for the photos!
     That photo looks like it should be the cover of my country album, no? I recently went to the wedding of one of the most fashion-loving ladies that I know. When she and I lived in the same city we used to go shopping and window-shopping all the time, talking about the latest trends and debating their merits. Whenever I went to a party at her place I knew it was an opportunity to debut something unusual or bold. Her enjoyment of style, plus the fact that this was my first in-person wedding since Covid started meant I was going to dress to the nines. Here are a few of my looks from the weekend:

Secret Separates

     I know my outfit is good when I have an urge to blog about it. This dress is actually secret separates, made up of the free Peppermint Wrap Skirt pattern and a self-drafted top. The fabric is the Oasis Night Fabric from Atelier Brunette, which I had the pleasure of buying in person from their Paris store. That store, by the way, is incredibly cute, and if not for luggage limitations I could have absolutely done some damage in there. 
     For the skirt, I made the Size A with minor modifications: adding one pocket in the side seam and using a slightly different (i.e. less precise) construction on the waist tie. (With the pattern and dark colors, no one can really tell.)