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Lamentation for Fall (Y'all)

Jacket | Secondhand Frame Denim
Skirt | Secondhand Alice + Olivia
Patch | Badaboom Studio

      When we moved here, someone told me that Dubai has two seasons: summer and hell. Thankfully, we are re-entering summer and not a minute too soon. Daytime temps are flirting with the high 90s, nighttime temps are often in the 80s and humidity is only coming sporadically.  I feel the ecstasy of a woman able to go outdoors without her umbrella, sunglasses and chilled water bottle (because even with those things, I nevertheless ended up as a distraught puddle of a person after brief sojourns outdoors). 

     That alone should be good enough news to pacify me, but the grass is always greener and as a result, I've found myself missing fall. Or rather, my fall wardrobe. I was updating my clothing spreadsheet and found myself clicking through prior tabs, reminiscing about a certain sweater, jacket or really this whole outfit. (I also think that 2016-2017 was my peak in terms of best items purchased - but that's a post for another time.) I should be spending this time lavishing attention on every mini-skirt, caftan, off-the-shoulder top or swimsuit that I own, and I will endeavor to do so, but I just want my sweaters to know that I miss them and I really hope those cedar blocks are protecting them.

Skirt | Me Made: free Peppermint Wrap Skirt pattern in silk

     Anyway, this probably explains why recently all I want to sew are jackets. I've completed one, which was a very minimal project, and am working on two others, which will each increase in difficulty. The first one is actually just a second-hand jacket that I attached this patch to - an easy 10 minute project. The patch is iron-on but in order to make it more permanent I ended up sewing it on. I wore it to the mall with a t-shirt, skirt and Birkenstocks and while I did end up taking it off and carrying it around most of the time, it still was out there helping it feel like fall.

Are you wearing jackets, chunky knits, suede and/or OTK boots? Does hearing me complain about warm weather make you want to scream into your scarf?

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