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Long Game

Cole Haan Marina OTK
Coat | Reformation
Boots | Cole Haan Marina
     About once a year, I'll see some item that clothing that, even if it seems wildly impractical or unusual, I know that it will pay off in my wardrobe if I just buy it and play the fashion long game. It really has to be something special, and even though it may seem like a surefire method for closet-disappointment, it is almost never the case. This coat, was my 2015 gut-driven purchase, and even though it has been taking up precious space in my closet the last two years, I have no regrets. (In case you were wondering: my 2014 one was a vintage couture jacket, this top was my 2016 one, and I haven't made such a 2017 gut-driven purchase yet, so hopefully that means I'm in for a treat over the next 3 months 😉.)
If you are reading this, thanks E and K for taking these photos.
     I found this coat/dress at a Reformation sample sale in 2015, for less than $90. I didn't really need a coat/dress, and at the time it was much more formal outerwear than I would usually buy, but I bought it anyway because: (1) it is really well made (sometimes items from the Reformation, frankly, are not, but this is fully lined, the fabric feels really nice, and it has pockets); (2) I loved the button details; and (3) except for the length of the sleeves, it basically fit perfectly. I wore this to a wedding recently, when my initial outfit fell through. There was an unexpected cold snap, so rather than a balmy 50 degrees at night, the low was closer to 29 degrees, and a midi length lace dress with open-toed shoes just did not seem like the move. I was combing through my closet the night before we left, looking for alternatives, and boom - there it was - so obvious.
     In order to maximize warmth, I paired the coat with over-the-knee boots, which isn't something I would normally think of as wedding-appropriate, but a lot of ladies were in boots that night and frankly, I was worried about my feet otherwise freezing. These are the Cole Haan Marina OTK boot, in Stormcloud Suede. They are actually currently 50% off on the Cole Haan website, however the remaining sizes are limited. I found that they run TTS. After pining after the Stuart Weitzman Highlands for over a year, I bought these because they were, when on sale, a third of the price of the Highlands, the color is amazing and, they run very narrow in the calf, which is what I was looking for in an OTK boot. If you are someone that often finds your boots slowly slouching down your leg over the course of an evening, these might be a good option for you. On an related note, which I'll save for another time, is the OTK boot dead? Or is it more like a "what is dead may never die" Iron Islands sort of situation? Regardless, I'm glad that this coat finally got its day in the sun, and it's a good reminder that I should find ways to wear it to work, come the fall and winter. 
I didn't get any action shots with the bag.
Cole Haan Marina OTK Review
Cole Haan Marina Review
Cole Haan Marina OTK
When it comes to shopping, do you follow your head or your heart? Is your closet a streamlined masterpiece, or stuffed to the gills? 

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  1. Oh that is such a beautiful coat dress! Perfect for a wedding :) I'm trying to review my purchases after wearing them twice and see which ones are winners. Every now and then I'll make an impulse buy that I adore and that gets a lot of wear in my wardrobe, but pieces I've been wanting for a while often don't. It's tricky to tell what to splurge on and what to save on until I can figure out why some things work better than others, haha!

    Hope you have had a good weekend! I'm currently enjoying the long weekend as it's a public holiday today in Brisbane :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Thank you! It is a tricky dance. I started keeping a spreadsheet of my purchases about 3 years ago and at the end of year, I go back and look through what I actually wore/didn't wear, and it has helped me change my shopping habits (for example, there are some stores I won't online shop at anymore, because I always get the sizing wrong or end up lured by final sale discounts).
      Hope you had a lovely long weekend!

  2. Wow the coat/ dress is so beautiful and perfect for autumn! And you look gorgeous in those OTK boots. Love that you make one gut-driven purchase a year - I wish I had your self control hehe.

    Catherine X

    1. Haha, thank you!
      I still fall prey to the usual non-gut impulse purchases too =)