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Beat the Heat

Top | Amour Vert
Skirt | Banana Republic
Shoes | Paul Green
     I've paired together two recent outfits that are both drape-y, if that is even a word (quick google search produces mixed results, no hits from OED). I've recently been drawn toward clothing that is more soft and flowy, avoiding anything tight or structured. Part of this might be because of the recent heat waves the Bay Area has been having. It got up to 106 degrees in the city last weekend - the hottest ever on record. 
     Now, I know what your thinking, "my city also got up to 100+ degrees" and I hear you, and that is hot, but heat is always tough in SF because it never gets that hot, and as a result, no one has air conditioning. No A/C in your apartment. No A/C in the bogeda on the corner. No A/C in the majority of restaurants. No A/C in most coffee shops (except Starbucks which was a madhouse). I and about a thousand of my fellow city-dwellers decamped to the movies, which is one of the few places with air conditioning.
     On Tuesday, when I was back in the office, I still couldn't bear to wear sleeves or closed-toed shoes. So instead I wore this:
Top | Calvin Klein
Skirt | Amour Vert
Shoes | Coclico

This look is 100% silk, and was incredibly comfortable. I felt just like a caryatid (a stone carving of a draped female figure, used as a structural support pillar in Greek architecture). The skirt was a recent find at the Amour Vert sample sale, and is a buttery soft silk, that I purchased for only $35. I think it could also be worn to a more formal event, with the right top. The top is from ReLove, an awesome SF vintage/consignment store, and was a random find (I grabbed it to try on with pants I was thinking about buying, not being that into the shirt at all, and ended up loving it - I wear it all the time now).
I've been working diligently on my posture to combat computer slouch - I feel like it is maybe finally starting to pay off...
     This next look I obviously did not wear to the office. I may flirt with the dress-code rules on occasion, but off-the-shoulder is a hard no in our office. This is another Amour Vert top (I think there is maybe one more top I will feature and that will be all of my Amour Vert purchases, haha). The best part about this top is that the elastic has the perfect level of elasticity for me. It it tight enough that it does not slip down, and stayed in place all day, but loose enough that at the end of the day it didn't leave angry red marks on my arms. I tried it first with jeans and while that looked totally fine, I felt like dressing up a bit and went with a skirt instead. 
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  1. You should do a post on color! I notice you wear a lot of blues and I almost never do. I'm always curious how people find their palette!

    1. Good idea! I also noticed, as a result of starting this blog and thus looking at pictures of my outfits often, that I really do wear a ton of blue.