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Pack of Peplums

I love a good peplum, and think that a peplum top is a nice way to add a little visual interest to a work wardrobe. They are a bit unusual and fun - I mean they are basically a kooky little skirt for your top, but I don't think that means they can't also be office appropriate. Here are two examples of how I recently wore a peplum to work.
Top | Rebecca Taylor
Cardigan | Abound
Pants | DvF
Shoes | Coclico 

     First up is a Rebecca Taylor peplum that I purchased on the RealReal. (Should you be interested, here is a link to a post I did on my tips for shopping there.) I can't find this exact top anymore (it is probably a few seasons old) but Rebecca Taylor actually has a bunch of really cute peplums right now, and I've linked to a few, through an affiliate link, below. This top has quite a few visually interesting details: the tweed texture, the striped pattern, and the band around the waist is leather. I kept the rest of the outfit streamlined: navy trousers and a black cardigan. I was thinking about wearing a peplum jacket, in order to super-size my peplum, but decided I would start in the shallow end of the pool and let just the one peplum be the focus of this outfit. For now, anyway.
     This next outfit was a casual Friday look, and features what I think is the last of my recent Amour Vert finds. The top, overall, has a much looser fit than the one above and rather than being particularly tailored, the peplum has more volume. To balance that out, I chose a more streamlined jean - I also tried this top with a flare jean, and it looked more like a costume. I love the print, the light fabric, and the shape, and plan to wear this with shorts on the weekend, while the weather stays nice. The bell sleeves and the corresponding poof are delightful and totally brightened up my day.
Top | Amour Vert
Pants | DL1961
Shoes | Cole Haan
What do you think of the peplum? Do you have one in a top, jacket, or dress?


  1. I love peplum tops - I agree they add that little bit of visual interest and fun to a simple outfit. Love both of these looks :)

    Catherine X

    1. Thanks, Catherine - I love your blog and am feeling inspired by your layouts!

  2. I always think they’re so cute, but can’t really find them that work with my long torso :(

    1. That's annoying. They should make long-torso peplums!