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Style Dtour: Gilmore Girls - Rory

Sweater | Inhabit
Jeans | DL1961
Bag | Rebecca Minkoff 5-Zip
     Last, but certainly not least, I bring you my Rory inspired look, and wanted to thank everyone who has followed along these last few days. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving, and that these re-boot episodes deliver. 
     This is inspired by Rory's college years, where girlfriend wore a lot of sweaters and jeans, and the occasional jean or corduroy jacket. I kept it simple, pairing this cashmere sweater with my favorite jeans, and I am ready to curl up with a good book, or get involved in a love triangle. Also, while I sadly don't have a pink Birkin to pair with this outfit, I feel like Rory might have rocked this Rebecca Minkoff bag pre-Logan.
What do you think, and what in your closet makes you think of Rory?

Style Dtour: Gilmore Girls - Lorelai

Welcome to Day Three. Today, I bring you a look inspired by the human Energizer Bunny that is Lorelai Gilmore. I really wanted to find something that was inspired by her "Rory's First Day at Chilton" look, but I just don't have anything like that in my closet. In the later seasons, she wore a lot of wrap dresses, so this felt appropriate. I basically always layer a tank under this dress, since the V is a bit low, but in looking at photos, Lorelai never did, so I thought, what the heck, I'll give it a try. Also, she wore a lot of heels, usually kitten heels. Those are my least favorite type of heel and I don't own any, so I upped the heel height, and don't think she'd mind. 
Dress | BCBGeneration
Shoes | Aldo
Mug | Kate Spade

What do you think and what in your closet reminds you of Lorelai?

Style Dtour: Gilmore Girls - Gypsy

Welcome to Day Two. Today, I am paying homage to the Stars Hollow mechanic, Gypsy. Goodness knows I love a jumpsuit, and this one is very comfortable. I've tried styling it w/ a lacy tank, to balance out the more masculine style of the cut and color, but here I paired it with a t-shirt that has two panthers crawling across the front (so, you know, a slightly different direction)...
Jumpsuit | Paige
Top | Elizabeth and James
Sunglasses | Ray Ban
This one is nice because the bottom is like a pair of jeans, basically, so it isn't totally shapeless. However, I find there is a bit of an adjustment period with a new jumpsuit, which I have to keep in mind when I have to pee. The buttons on this were pretty stiff initially and it took forever to unbutton. 
Now if I only knew how to change a tire.
What do you think - what in your closet makes you think of Gypsy?

Style Dtour: Gilmore Girls - Luke

     Welcome to Day 1 of my Gilmore-Girls inspired posts. I am a big fan of the show, and was so excited that Netflix is bringing it back, even if only for a few episodes. In honor of the return to Stars Hallow, I wanted to do a few style shout-outs that are based on some of my favorite characters. The point isn't to copy their looks exactly, like you would for a Halloween costume, but rather to think about their style, generally, and see how it fits into pieces I already have in my closet.
     First up is Luke, and when I think about Luke, what immediately comes to mind is flannel and a backwards baseball cap. It turns out a backward baseball cap is really hard to pull off (I looked ridiculous) so instead, I flipped it around, and paired it with this incredibly comfortable flannel dress, from Alternative Apparel. It is thick, soft, and has pockets, which makes it perfect for lounging around on a rainy day (such as the day these photos were taken). I paired it with some awesome and practical boots, and BAM, I'm ready to fix a boat, work at the diner, or frankly do none of those things and just watch Law & Order re-runs.
Dress | Alternative Apparel (old)
Boots | Frye Veronica Short

What do you think, and what in your own closet makes you think of Luke?

Tatcha: Kyoto Lipstick Review + Weekend Reading

Tatcha Lipstick
The packaging is very pretty and the lipstick tube is heavy - they aren't messing around.
Tatcha is having their Friends and Family Event (20% off with code "FF2016") so I wanted to do a quick review of one of my favorite products, while it is on sale. (If you haven't heard of them, they are a beauty line built on the modernization of traditional geisha beauty secrets - read an interview with the founder here). 
This is the Tatcha Kyoto Red Silk Lipstick, and it is a perfect red lipstick. To be frank, it is also the only lipstick I own. I was never a big lipstick wearer, so, almost a year ago, when I stumbled across this one with glowing reviews (read another one here), I thought why not just buy one, instead of buying a handful of lipsticks which total to the same price? 
The lipstick is creamy, and doesn't crack into lines or look dry. It has more of a matte finish, and layers well. The red gets deeper and more saturated as you layer it on.   

Sparkle Baby

Does this gilded sweater have a strong holiday vibe?
Did I start wearing it right after Halloween? 

Don't take it personally Thanksgiving.
Sweater | Rebecca Taylor
Shirt | J. Crew Factory
Jeans | DL1961
Some other sparkly Rebecca Taylor options:

Leather + Lace

I saw this leather, lace, bolero-type top at ReLove in SF and was instantly intrigued. (Also, shout-out to ReLove - it my first time shopping there and their selection is awesome!) I like that it is unusual, but not necessary limiting. Sometimes, if an item is unique it also means you won't be able to wear it with a lot of other pieces. I've run into that issue in the past, where I'll love an item in general, but I don't love it in my closet. I tried this top on over a dress, and with jeans in the store, and was sufficiently convinced of its versatility. 
Top | Vanessa Bruno
Dress | J. Crew
Who knew lace and leather could be so ladylike?

Saturday Reading + Next Steps

This was a difficult week, which is why I took a break from posting, and it didn't feel right to just pick up again like nothing happened. A lot of things have been said and written, by people more eloquent than I, but I think the hardest part for me was the whiplash of being excited to watch the inauguration of the nation's first female president, to feeling like the glass ceiling is suddenly made of brick. Guess I'll have to learn to use a jack hammer. 

In some lighter news:
1. An oldie but goodie: All The Times President Obama Lost His Chill Around Kids (Buzzfeed).

2. From Racked, a list of organizations that could use your donations.

3. Tips for Wearing Glitter Make-Up (Into the Gloss)

4. An article on how record breaking the sales on Singles' Day, in China were (The Fashion Law)

5. And lastly, for anyone who doesn't know (which I can't believe is anyone at this point), the Gilmore Girls returns to Netflix in two weeks! For the 5 days leading up to the release, I will be posting a series of outfits inspired by my favorite GG characters. If you'd like to participate, send me your pics at style.dtour@gmail.com and I'll include them in a post!

Outdoor Voices Review

Jacket (below) | Zella
Top | Lanson
Pants | 3/4 Two Tone Warm-up Leggings in Size Small
While I was in Austin, I saw an Outdoor Voices pop-up, and a $20 coupon helped spur me to stop by the adorable Outdoor Voices store. I wanted to do a quick review of their leggings, in case anyone else had been eyeing them. These are the Outdoor Voices 3/4 Two Tone Warm-up Leggings. They first caught my eye because I hadn't seen this color-block style in a legging before, and I like that the company has a young female founder
Outdoor Voices Sizing Review
     I also tried the regular length leggings, but they were ridiculously long on me (I'm 5'2"), so I opted for the 3/4 length, which as you can see in the photo above - are basically full length on me. I've worn them to go do some easy outdoor exercise (walk/jogging) and pilates and they have held up well. For reference, I am wearing a size small, and usually wear a 25 in jeans. I also fit into the XS, but I hate when things are too tight across my stomach, and so I opted for the S.

(i) Fabric is thick and soft - it does not sag;
(ii) My butt looks amazing in them (you'll have to take my word for it on this one); and
(iii) the style and color are great. 

(i) They are on the expensive side, although I guess that is relative. They are more expensive than the usual Zella leggings I buy on sale, but they are a little cheaper than Lululemon, and you definitely don't have to worry about these going sheer and overexposing you; and 
(ii) The rise is higher than I prefer - they go up to about my belly button. 
Evidence of the high rise.
It was drizzling, so I had to layer.

     Overall, I'm excited to keep an eye on this brand and see what they do in the future. Their recent collaboration with A.P.C. makes me think they will be one to watch. 
     What do you look for in workout clothing and what are some of your favorite workout brands? 

Hive Mind

Jacket | BlankNYC Suede Moto Jacket (sadly no longer on sale, or in this color)
Dress | Tibi (from the RealReal)
Top | Everlane (old) (Current style here)
Someone asked me recently if I buy things specifically for this blog. The answer is, basically, no. I have a pretty strong internal compass for the clothing I like and don't like (it isn't always consistent or helpful, but my inner voice always speaks up), although occasionally I am swayed to look for things I like because of what I see on other blogs. A great example would be the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that happened a few months ago - they really saturated the market because I saw that sale advertised everywhere. I vowed not to buy anything, since I didn't think the prices were great, but I was cutting through the mall after work to avoid some rain, and I stopped into the store, (knew the sale was happening) and saw this jacket. There was one left, in an xs, and it fit like a glove. I think this is sized perfectly for petite ladies - the shoulders and sleeve length were the perfect fit, which almost never happens. I told myself it was on sale, a really good price for a real leather jacket, and would provide the missing piece to my long sought leather jacket trifecta (tan, black, and suede). I would have liked it regardless, but I wouldn't have normally even stopped at Nordstrom if not for the blogging hive mind. 
I'm not sure if this is a happy ending or a cautionary tale, but we can all agree it is a sick jacket. 
I paired it with an awesome dress I recently bought on final clearance on the Real Real. Because the temperature has dipped here, and it is a tad bit large, I paired it with a silk shirt. The top balances out the open back, and makes the little white beads sewn all over the dress pop. The leather jacket keeps the whole thing from then looking a little too sweet. 
Cactus print phone case is Speck, by the way.

What influences you the most when it comes to where to shop or what to buy? Do you take chances, or always go back to the same places?


It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, that I did not participate in any varsity sports in school. Luckily for me, the varsity jacket is trending, and I get to wear one now. Also, I can probably honestly say this is the only trend from high school that I am glad has made a comeback. This jacket is Rag & Bone, (made in USA) purchased from the Real Real. It is probably one size too large, but it was also heavily discounted - so I just roll up the sleeves and roll with it. 
Jacket | Rag & Bone
Top | ALC
Pants | Joe's Jeans
Shoes | Franco Sarto (still on sale - runs TTS)
Here is a better full length shot - I also just realized I have every neutral color in this outfit: white, navy, black and grey - and zero prints or pops of color, haha. It started raining shortly after taking these photos, and my umbrella has polka dots, so at least the outfit wasn't totally deprived. Also, please excuse the earbuds - I was listening to an interesting RadioLab podcast I didn't want to pause.
Chukka boots, once weatherized, are a great rain boot.
Are there any high school fashion trends you are waiting to come full circle?