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Blazer | Theory
Dress | Tibi
    Happy Friday! Today, I have a look at two work outfits from this past week, both of which I was pretty pleased with. Seeing all the chic Italians gave me some motivation to step up my workwear game, instead of falling back on my safety items (jeans, oversized cardigans, and the same dresses).
     First up, a dress I haven't featured in a while, but was involved in one of my earliest posts = ) I still really love this Tibi slip dress, bought at Crossroads Trading Co., and in fact, love it even more now, because I had the straps tailored. It always sat a little low and I would constantly be pulling it up an inch when I wore it to work. One very cheap alternation later, the straps are the right length and I don't have to worry about it. 
Although no longer accidentally, revealing the dress is still slinky, so I tried to offset that with a blazer to provide coverage and structure to the outfit.
This is the actual color.
Second, a fun pleated skirt, and my continuing attempts to get a picture of me in motion - why is this so difficult?! 
Sweater | J. Crew
Skirt | Banana Republic
Scarf | Vintage
Pleated skirts are something I have been seeing more and more of, but I kept waiting to purchase one. I love the way they move, but I wasn't sure it was something I would still love a year or two from now. I was intrigued by several gold lame (with an accent over the e - I cannot figure out how to add it in blogger - not lame, as in feeble) pleated skirts, but realized it probably wouldn't be very versatile for me. I saw this one on clearance at a Banana Republic store and loved the color, and the strips of lace - it is so charming. This scarf is actually vintage, that I fished out of a bowl of scarfs and bought for a euro.When I had this outfit on, initially I was going to add a necklace, but, then I remembered the scarf and thought it added a little extra something. 
Are you in a work-wear rut? What would help you break out of it?


Sweater | H&M
Top | See by Chloe
Jeans | AG
 I got the above sweater at a clothing swap I attended, and have been wanting to wear it, but a little unsure of how to style it. It has a shape which is currently very popular - sort of higher in the front, lower in the back. Since this is from H&M, I get the feeling I'm supposed to wear nothing under it, showing my midriff, and pair it with tiny denim shorts, or black jeans and doc martins. Neither of those looks is in the cards for me, so eventually, I realized the way to deal with the volume was to pair an equally voluminous top underneath it. This creates a lot of movement when I walk, adds some visual interest with the color and texture of the sweater, and the print of the top, and also keeps the look very casual. 
Close up of the details.

I added skinny jeans to balance it out on the bottom, since I think that like a harem or jogger pant with this outfit would look nuts (on me, at least). 
Also, I realized when looking at these photos, that this whole outfit is made up of second-hand clothing! I have been working hard over the last few years to incorporate more second-hand clothing into my wardrobe and so it is a pleasant surprise when the random collection of pieces I grabbed were all used. The sweater, as mentioned, was free, and the tops and pants are from consignment stores. 

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Back to Work

Blazer | Rebecca Taylor
Dress | Rag & Bone
Shoes | Banana Republic
Earrings | Anna Danilova
     I think I have probably one more travel post left in me, but until then, here is a return to a regular work-week outfit. I've featured this blazer/jacket before, which is still great and which I love to wear. This time, I've paired it with a silk Rag & Bone dress that I got on the Realreal. The dress is very classic - high neck, tie waist, and made of silk. The silk is lined, and at the bottom there is a little peekabo section that is unlined. In person, the difference isn't that noticeable. However, when when I was walking out of my building, I caught a look at a moment I was quite backlit, and all of a sudden this dress seemed very short in the back. It made me a little uncomfortable all day but luckily I didn't have any meetings in sunny conference rooms. I think it will be a great sundress - generally, and look forward to wearing it a bunch this summer. 
     Also, in a bit of a surprise move, I paired the look with a pair of shoes that made the list as one of my "worst" purchases of 2016. I really wanted a pop of color and the pink brought me joy. That being said, it reminded me how difficult these shoes are to wear - they slide around on your feet like crazy - and they are going to Goodwill. 
Close up of the jewelry details.
Do you have a pair of joy-bringing work shoes?
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Style Dtour: Rome, Italy

View from balcony of the Airbnb. Pantheon in the distance.
Since I already gave you a glimpse of my travel wardrobe, this selection of photos basically just serves to highlight the majesty of the city that is Rome.
Sweater | Eileen Fisher
Coat | Rebecca Taylor
Pants | Citizens of Humanity
Purse | J. Crew Signet Bag
Shoes | J. Crew x New Balance
That being said, here is an outfit photo. The jacket that I brought has zip-off sleeves, so I decided to put them to the test (and make sure they weren't just decorative zippers) and treat the coat like a vest. These photos were taken at the MAXXI, which is a modern art museum located in the Flaminio neighborhood of Rome. I would describe it as a little experimental for my tastes, but I'm glad someone is out there doing what they are doing. Also, the building design was really fun.
Villa Borghese Gardens
The gardens at the Villa Borghese were one of my favorite parts of Rome. It is nice to get away from the city and suddenly be in an enormous, serene park full of plants, dogs, and striking water features.
Altare della Patria
Since I was on vacation, and walking a few miles a day, I did get pretty casual with it once or twice. For better or for worse, there were quite a few other tourists also rocking their sweatpants. Although, I should also admit, for every athleasured American, there was also an incredibly chic and well-put-together Italian person standing nearby. 
View from St. Peter's Basilica.
Lastly, a view from St. Peter's Basilica, made all the more speical because there are so few people in it. One of the definite benefits of jetlag is getting the city to yourself for a few hours in the morning.
Have you been to Rome, and if so, what was your favorite spot? Thanks for stopping by!

The Business of Travel Layering

Tank | Lanston
Jeans | Citizens of Humanity
Sweater | Everlane
Puffer Jacket | Uniqlo Ultra Light Down (read my review here)
Coat | Rebecca Taylor
Bag | J. Crew Signet Bag
Shoes | New Balance x J. Crew
I recently got back from a trip to Italy, and while I was out and about all day walking around and tourist-ing (not a word, but perhaps should be) light layers ended up being the way to go. I wanted to ensure comfort and temperature control, with temperatures ranging from the 40's to the mid-60s. This is a quick spin through my basic sight-seeing outfit. Also, since the AirBnB we were staying in had a washer/dryer (and also was really cute - that is where these photos were taken), I prioritized bringing machine washable items that would dry out quickly (leather/wool coat, obviously excluded).
Layer One
   I guess technically layer one is underwear, but this isn't that kind of blog. I started with my favorite pair of jeans, and a soft cotton tank, that provided a lightweight base that did not add unnecessary bulk. I prefer to layer tanks under sweaters, because sometimes with shirts, layering three different types/lengths of sleeves can be annoying. 
Layer Two
 Next up, a thin Everlane sweater, that I basically wear all the time. It is sadly no longer for sale on their website, and the amount I wear it makes me think I should have purchased two of them when I had the chance. 
     Also, I wanted you to know that I wore matching socks just for you, internet. I basically never wear matching socks. All of the socks I own are ankle socks, so I just keep them in a drawer and pull out any two, as needed. I think it is practical, but it definitely drives some people crazy when they see my mismatched socks.
Layer Three
 The above outfit is basically what I wore out on the slightly warmer days, if it was unlikely I would be wearing my coat, so I didn't have to carry it around in my arms. I had high hopes for this Uniqlo jacket going into this trip and it surpassed all of them. It is so light-weight, I could scrunch it up in my purse, use it as a pillow on the flight, love that the exterior pockets have zippers to add a little security when traveling, and love that it has two very functional interior pockets - great to store a boarding pass when going through security. Also, the color is nice and was a little more fun than just generic grey or navy (you know, like the rest of my outfit...).
Layer Four
Last, but not least, my Rebecca Taylor coat, which I adore. I definitely kept it pretty casual on this trip (i.e. no dresses or heels) but this coat made me feel a little more polished. I was in Italy, after all, and the leather sleeves help me feel more fashion-y. It isn't a generic black coat, which a lot of people were wearing, so it was nice to have something that reflected my personal style but was functional. I finished off the look with a crossbody purse (which I will do a separate review of) and sunglasses, and was ready for adventure.
How do you usually layer when you travel?

I'm Back + Weekend Reading

       I am back, and I look forward to writing a post on travel outfits/my trip. I am also a little too jet-lagged to write much in coherent sentences, so here are some words written by other people, to take you through the weekend:

1. The photo above is of Bernini's Baldacchino in St. Peter's Basilica. Want to learn more? Here is a helpful, short, Khan Academy video on this incredible sculpture (Khan Academy).

2. Photos of all of the pieces from the upcoming Victoria Beckham x Target collection have been released! I think some of these are pretty cute and I'm curious to see how this launch goes (Fashionista or straight from Target's website).

3. Is this store the Best Kept Secret in Fashion? I had never heard of it but I am now intrigued. Have you been there? Does it live up to such glowing praise? (NYT)

4. Did you know Hilary Swank has an athleasure line? (Glossy)

5. Ten trends from Paris Fashion Week Street Style (Man Repeller); and lastly,

6. Givenchy has named their new (and first ever female) designer (NYT).

Have a good weekend!

Gone Fishing

(In all honestly I don't think that is a fish, but "gone serpent-ing" just doesn't have that same ring to it...) 

Review: Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket

Review Uniqlo Ultra Light Down
Jacket | Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket
Pants | American Giant
Shoes | Asics Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66
Purse | Mansur Gavriel
     In preparation for my upcoming trip, I purchased the Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket. I got it in size XS, in the "Wine" color. I wanted something light but warm, that I could layer underneath a coat, or use as a stand alone jacket. I also like that this jacket can be squashed down to easily fit in a purse or suitcase, or used as a pillow on the plane.
I have been wearing it around San Francisco, as well, and have been very pleased. It is very light and practical - it has both outer, and interior pockets - and when I got caught in the rain, it dried out quickly.  In re. to sizing, the XS fits well, but I cannot layer thick sweaters underneath without it becoming difficult to zip. Here, I have it layered over a tank and my Oiselle hoodie (this one, now on sale), and it fits fine. At $69.90, this jacket is much lower priced than the similar looking Patagonia and North Face down jackets. It could be that those jackets are actually three times nicer than this one, but that would really be quite a jacket. 

Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket
Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket
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Jacket | Veda
Dress | A.L.C.
I originally was wearing a black cardigan with this outfit but I thought it looked a little bland. So, before I headed out the door I reached for this trusted leather jacket, which I think was a more fun and polished choice. 
    This dress is by A.L.C., and before I stumbled across them on the RealReal, I was not really familiar with the brand. Since then, I've come to admire the way they do prints, and now have a few of their pieces, including printed silk pants, which is not an article of clothing I thought I would ever purchase. 
      A.L.C. is the brainchild of stylist-turned-designed Andrea Liberman. I'm sure you are familiar with her styling work because she was the stylist responsible for putting J.Lo in the famous green Versace dress that she wore to the Grammys in 2000. You can read a short "day in the life" piece about Andrea here (I always love reading these and feel like people who do them always get up early). I generally find the sizing to be TTS, although all of their tanks are too big in the bust for me, and so I either have to get the straps shortened, or they show my bra on the side. The pricing is also pretty varied, the dresses (which are usually 100% silk, which is great) retail for several hundred dollars, but I got this one on the RealReal for less than $50, so I think there are certainly deals out there to be had. 
Do you have any brands that, once you found them, have become a wardrobe staple?