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The Business of Travel Layering

Tank | Lanston
Jeans | Citizens of Humanity
Sweater | Everlane
Puffer Jacket | Uniqlo Ultra Light Down (read my review here)
Coat | Rebecca Taylor
Bag | J. Crew Signet Bag
Shoes | New Balance x J. Crew
I recently got back from a trip to Italy, and while I was out and about all day walking around and tourist-ing (not a word, but perhaps should be) light layers ended up being the way to go. I wanted to ensure comfort and temperature control, with temperatures ranging from the 40's to the mid-60s. This is a quick spin through my basic sight-seeing outfit. Also, since the AirBnB we were staying in had a washer/dryer (and also was really cute - that is where these photos were taken), I prioritized bringing machine washable items that would dry out quickly (leather/wool coat, obviously excluded).
Layer One
   I guess technically layer one is underwear, but this isn't that kind of blog. I started with my favorite pair of jeans, and a soft cotton tank, that provided a lightweight base that did not add unnecessary bulk. I prefer to layer tanks under sweaters, because sometimes with shirts, layering three different types/lengths of sleeves can be annoying. 
Layer Two
 Next up, a thin Everlane sweater, that I basically wear all the time. It is sadly no longer for sale on their website, and the amount I wear it makes me think I should have purchased two of them when I had the chance. 
     Also, I wanted you to know that I wore matching socks just for you, internet. I basically never wear matching socks. All of the socks I own are ankle socks, so I just keep them in a drawer and pull out any two, as needed. I think it is practical, but it definitely drives some people crazy when they see my mismatched socks.
Layer Three
 The above outfit is basically what I wore out on the slightly warmer days, if it was unlikely I would be wearing my coat, so I didn't have to carry it around in my arms. I had high hopes for this Uniqlo jacket going into this trip and it surpassed all of them. It is so light-weight, I could scrunch it up in my purse, use it as a pillow on the flight, love that the exterior pockets have zippers to add a little security when traveling, and love that it has two very functional interior pockets - great to store a boarding pass when going through security. Also, the color is nice and was a little more fun than just generic grey or navy (you know, like the rest of my outfit...).
Layer Four
Last, but not least, my Rebecca Taylor coat, which I adore. I definitely kept it pretty casual on this trip (i.e. no dresses or heels) but this coat made me feel a little more polished. I was in Italy, after all, and the leather sleeves help me feel more fashion-y. It isn't a generic black coat, which a lot of people were wearing, so it was nice to have something that reflected my personal style but was functional. I finished off the look with a crossbody purse (which I will do a separate review of) and sunglasses, and was ready for adventure.
How do you usually layer when you travel?

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