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Jacket | Veda
Dress | A.L.C.
I originally was wearing a black cardigan with this outfit but I thought it looked a little bland. So, before I headed out the door I reached for this trusted leather jacket, which I think was a more fun and polished choice. 
    This dress is by A.L.C., and before I stumbled across them on the RealReal, I was not really familiar with the brand. Since then, I've come to admire the way they do prints, and now have a few of their pieces, including printed silk pants, which is not an article of clothing I thought I would ever purchase. 
      A.L.C. is the brainchild of stylist-turned-designed Andrea Liberman. I'm sure you are familiar with her styling work because she was the stylist responsible for putting J.Lo in the famous green Versace dress that she wore to the Grammys in 2000. You can read a short "day in the life" piece about Andrea here (I always love reading these and feel like people who do them always get up early). I generally find the sizing to be TTS, although all of their tanks are too big in the bust for me, and so I either have to get the straps shortened, or they show my bra on the side. The pricing is also pretty varied, the dresses (which are usually 100% silk, which is great) retail for several hundred dollars, but I got this one on the RealReal for less than $50, so I think there are certainly deals out there to be had. 
Do you have any brands that, once you found them, have become a wardrobe staple? 


  1. I wish you would write a guide to shopping on the real real! I've looked but It was overwhelming amount of stuff, most of which was ugly and way out of my budget. I want to know your tips!

    1. It probably speaks more to the fact that I have more time on my hands than you do, haha but I can definitely do a post on it!