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Linen + Stripes

Top | T by Alexander Wang
Jeans | Paige Jimmy Jimmy Skinny Boyfriend (on sale)
Bralette | Aerie
      Just a lazy weekend outfit. I found this linen top for $20 at Nordstrom Rack, and was quite surprised to see it's full price. I paired it with some boyfriend jeans, even though it meant I would have "oversized" pieces on the top and bottom. Normally I wear this tank with skinny jeans, but since it shows my shoulders and back, I was less worried about the combo overwhelming my frame. The jeans are secondhand from Crossroads Trading Co., so this outfit was rather cheap and is incredibly comfortable to boot.
 My only complaint about these jeans, is that the front pockets are comically small and about 2/3 of my phone sticks out when I put it in the pocket. These are "boyfriend" so would it have killed them to include pockets as practical as they include on men's jeans?
How old is too old to still be shopping at American Eagle?
Won't someone please think of the pockets??

Review: Tabula Rasa Akoto Dress

Dress | Tabula Rasa Akoto (sold out in coral but available in white)
I am a totally tactile shopper. When I am shopping, I basically touch every piece before I decide if I want to try it on or not, and the texture of a garment is usually enough to sway my decision one way or another. This knit dress is from Tabula Rasa, and it wasn't their clothing I saw first but their pillows...

Once I saw those, I knew I'd eventually own something they created. (I also spent about half an hour googling DIY projects that would allow me to make those pillows). Cut forward about 6 months and some well-timed end of summer sales, and this dress was mine. 

It is fun, fringed, and rather soft - I did an embarassing amount of spinning while wearing this. I must warn you, though, that this baby is short. I am about 5'2'', wearing an XS, and I felt most comfortable wearing this over a swimsuit. I think otherwise, I would feel most comfortable with something tied around my waist (maybe a chambray button-up would be cute...) to guard against wardrobe malfunctions if I had to do any bending over, or stair climbing. It is also lined with a little attached slip dress, to keep the knit body of the dress from being see-through. 
Letting the fringe fly.
What are some brands whose texture of textiles never let's you down?

Be There With Bell (Sleeve)s On

In what I consider to be part two of "outfits that don't wear well under a jacket" (part one here), may I present for your consideration, the bell sleeve. I love the volume, but in order to wear this under a blazer or jacket, you have to neatly tuck the sleeve in around your arm, and then no one can see the best part of the top. Layering aside, I think this is an ideal "pumped-up" basic: it is black and white so it is easy to pair with almost anything (pants and shorts of all colors, denim, probably even a pencil skirt) and the bold stripe and sleeve detail add some visual interest to keep the outfit from looking too basic. 
Top | J. Crew (similar)
Pants | DL1961
Shoes | Paul Green
This top is from J. Crew, and it might have been last season, as I found it in-store on clearance, and it doesn't appear to be still on the website. However, they have an almost identical one, with smaller bell sleeves here. I am wearing an xxs. 

Do you have a layering trick for voluminous pieces? If so, I am all ears. 


I'm down in a warmer climate this week, which means it is a great opportunity to wear all the summer dresses it is too chilly to wear in the Bay Area. I started with this off-the-shoulder dress, as tops/dresses with this cut look great, but it feels silly to wear under a sweater or jacket, as the top sort of constricts your arm movements. This one is the Antonia from The Reformation, purchased at a sample sale they held last year, and currently on sale on their website.
Using my hair as a face curtain. 
This dress was light, easy to wear and kind of sexy. Also, because the look is ruined if you slouch, this dress helped force a betterment of my posture, which is always a plus.

Commuter Clothes

I (attempt) to walk to work most days, so I try to create outfits that I like, and that I can walk a mile in (in the snow, uphill, both ways!). I keep a few blazers and my "work shoes" at work, which is great, so I don't have to lug those things with me on my daily grind. 
Needless to say, I usually look pretty casual on my way into the office, and I sometimes run into people in the elevator and am convinced they are judging me, and that I should assure them I will be dressing up. In reality, no one probably cares.

A typical example is below: I am wearing the same silk top and jeans in both, but walking to work I paired these items with a zip-up sweater and sneakers, whereas once I'm in the office, I slip on loafers and a blazer. 

A close-up of the office look:
                     Blazer | J. Crew  ||   Zip-Up | Alternative Apparel
                          Top | Theory (secondhand)
Jeans | DL191
                                              Shoes | Cole Haan  ||  Sneakers | Asics Onituska Tiger Mexico 66 ( last seen here)
I must admit that the commute sometimes keeps me from wearing my more delicate items, or anything I feel like will make me break a real sweat, and I save those for days when I know I won't be walking. 
What do you wear when you commute and how does it influence your sartorial choices?

Beige for Days

I surprised myself today with such a work appropriate outfit. Just a classic cashmere sweater, pencil skirt, and a necklace for good measure. 
I mean, you also dress to match the walls, right?
I had to find another way to break up the bland...
Sweater | Inhabit (similar)
Skirt | Theory
Necklace | Goodwill
...and added a leather jacket for good measure. 

What do you wear when you just want to be office appropriate?


This top used to be a sweater dress. I've had it for over 2 years and only worn it once. However, every time I go to donate it, I can't do it. I really love the lace detail across the top, but I just can't keep it around when I never wear it. Today, I grabbed a pair of scissors, laid the sweater on the ground and cut off the bottom, turning it into a sweater/top. 
I can't believe I didn't think of this a long time ago. 
Top | Rebecca Taylor
Pants | Joe's Jeans
Backpack | Clare V
It has an unfinished hem on the sleeves, so the same on the bottom doesn't seem out of place.

Also, I've been wearing this backpack nonstop recently. Who knew a white, leather backpack could be so versatile? I guess, Clare V, the designer, did. My only suggestion, if you are out there, Clare, is I wish the front and back segments were buttoned together, so you could pull the top one off and use it as a small clutch. If that was the case, this backpack would be unstoppable.

Saturday Reading

First, one more Denver photo - taken at their impressive botanical gardens!

Top: Ivy Park
Bottoms: Ironman shorts
Shoes: Nike Roshe Flyknit (on sale!)
Next, some sites for your Saturday perusal:

1. First, some practical advice from Racked, How Am I Supposed to Clean My Yoga Mat?

2. Also, from Racked, a fun look at women's gymnastic uniforms through the years (Racked) - this article does not address it, but does anyone know why the leotards are always long-sleeved?

2a. In more Olympics news - American woman Virginia Thraser has won Rio's first gold medal! (NYT)

3. An interesting look into the day-to-day of Hillary Clinton's long-time hairdresser (The Cut)

4. In the off-chance you've missed the article in Glamour - President Obama on Feminism, and the World He Wants to Leave His Daughters.

Style Dtour in Denver

Another type of detour =)
Colorado Consignment
This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Denver - it was my first time there, as well as my first time in Colorado! I had a great time, and, because there was some time for shopping, I wanted to do a review of three consignment stores I visited with my friend Ang. We had a great time exploring the second-hand scene in Denver, and finding pieces for each other and, of course, ourselves.

Mercer Place
First up, the delightful Mercer Place
When we pulled up, there was a sign saying that a summer clearance sale was happening, which is always a great thing to be greeted with. The store had a lot of clothes and jewelry, as well as really cute home furnishings. We also got to meet the lovely owner, and chatted about everything from her store to fast fashion.
Leifsdottir High Tea Dress
The color of this dress caught my attention on the rack and once I zipped it up, there was little doubt I would leave with it. Also, it has pockets!
Giving a twirl, for good measure.