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Review: Tabula Rasa Akoto Dress

Dress | Tabula Rasa Akoto (sold out in coral but available in white)
I am a totally tactile shopper. When I am shopping, I basically touch every piece before I decide if I want to try it on or not, and the texture of a garment is usually enough to sway my decision one way or another. This knit dress is from Tabula Rasa, and it wasn't their clothing I saw first but their pillows...

Once I saw those, I knew I'd eventually own something they created. (I also spent about half an hour googling DIY projects that would allow me to make those pillows). Cut forward about 6 months and some well-timed end of summer sales, and this dress was mine. 

It is fun, fringed, and rather soft - I did an embarassing amount of spinning while wearing this. I must warn you, though, that this baby is short. I am about 5'2'', wearing an XS, and I felt most comfortable wearing this over a swimsuit. I think otherwise, I would feel most comfortable with something tied around my waist (maybe a chambray button-up would be cute...) to guard against wardrobe malfunctions if I had to do any bending over, or stair climbing. It is also lined with a little attached slip dress, to keep the knit body of the dress from being see-through. 
Letting the fringe fly.
What are some brands whose texture of textiles never let's you down?

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