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Hive Mind

Jacket | BlankNYC Suede Moto Jacket (sadly no longer on sale, or in this color)
Dress | Tibi (from the RealReal)
Top | Everlane (old) (Current style here)
Someone asked me recently if I buy things specifically for this blog. The answer is, basically, no. I have a pretty strong internal compass for the clothing I like and don't like (it isn't always consistent or helpful, but my inner voice always speaks up), although occasionally I am swayed to look for things I like because of what I see on other blogs. A great example would be the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that happened a few months ago - they really saturated the market because I saw that sale advertised everywhere. I vowed not to buy anything, since I didn't think the prices were great, but I was cutting through the mall after work to avoid some rain, and I stopped into the store, (knew the sale was happening) and saw this jacket. There was one left, in an xs, and it fit like a glove. I think this is sized perfectly for petite ladies - the shoulders and sleeve length were the perfect fit, which almost never happens. I told myself it was on sale, a really good price for a real leather jacket, and would provide the missing piece to my long sought leather jacket trifecta (tan, black, and suede). I would have liked it regardless, but I wouldn't have normally even stopped at Nordstrom if not for the blogging hive mind. 
I'm not sure if this is a happy ending or a cautionary tale, but we can all agree it is a sick jacket. 
I paired it with an awesome dress I recently bought on final clearance on the Real Real. Because the temperature has dipped here, and it is a tad bit large, I paired it with a silk shirt. The top balances out the open back, and makes the little white beads sewn all over the dress pop. The leather jacket keeps the whole thing from then looking a little too sweet. 
Cactus print phone case is Speck, by the way.

What influences you the most when it comes to where to shop or what to buy? Do you take chances, or always go back to the same places?

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