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Retro + Weekend Reading

Sweater | J. Crew (Thrifted)
Dress | Diane von Furstenberg (Secondhand)
Shoes | Matt Bernson
Hello and happy Friday! Just a simple outfit today, featuring my tried and true system of putting a black sweater over a printed dress, and calling it a day. It is a particularly nice Friday for me, because I am going on vacation next week, so all I need to do is get through the day. I am looking forward to coming back refreshed, and sharing some photos from my trip (as there are weddings involved, I think it'll be a much more fashion focused sort of vacation). The two weddings I will be attending are the last two I have for the year, and I plan on doing a recap of how I interpreted dress codes, and what I wore, including for my own wedding day (dun dun duuuuuunnnnn). 😊 

Until then, here are some links for your weekend perusal:

1. A look at how one editor dressed during fashion week, and how I am totally inspired to find an all red ensemble now (Fashionista).

2. I've started to see several articles trickle in about how leopard print is back (not my favorite), but here is a look at how to style it (Man Repeller).

3. Have you read the "15 Surprising Things about Parenting in ___" series over at Cup of Jo? I just discovered it and totally just stayed up late in bed, reading them all (Cup of Jo).

4. A look at "Booth Babes and Tech Bros" and sexism in Silicon Valley (Glossy). 

5. Lastly, an interview with Idris Elba (NYT) (and speaking of Stringer Bell, is anyone watching the new David Simon show, The Deuce, and if so, what do you think?)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I'm loving the all red look. Also, leopard is awesome. That coj series is so entertaining! I've read some of them several times. The Deuce is good! Ok James Franco as a twin is kinda hokey, but Maggie gyllenhaal is the best. Have fun next week!

    1. Thanks - I'll have to finally start watching The Deuce!

  2. Best wishes for your upcoming wedding! Looking forward to seeing what you wore.