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Going Country

Thanks Jess for the photos!
     That photo looks like it should be the cover of my country album, no? I recently went to the wedding of one of the most fashion-loving ladies that I know. When she and I lived in the same city we used to go shopping and window-shopping all the time, talking about the latest trends and debating their merits. Whenever I went to a party at her place I knew it was an opportunity to debut something unusual or bold. Her enjoyment of style, plus the fact that this was my first in-person wedding since Covid started meant I was going to dress to the nines. Here are a few of my looks from the weekend:
1. The Welcome - Dress Code: Campfire Casual
Jacket | Uniqlo
Sweatsuit | Me Made
Shoes | Vans
     This was actually not the outfit I originally intended to wear this night. I had planned to wear a secondhand knit M Missoni dress with tights and the pictured Uniqlo jacket. However, it was really cold and all the events were held outside, so I audibled, and wore this sweatsuit instead. I made that sweatsuit late last year, and still love it. Not pictured is the beanie I wore, my mittens, and the giant blanket I wrapped myself in. 
2. The Rehearsal Dinner - Dress Code: Western Chic 
Dress | Johanna Ortiz Amuleto
Shoes | Coclico
Bolo Tie | Handmade (not by me)
     This Johanna Ortiz dress is so cool in person. It's a silk dress with bishop sleeves and a removable (!) feather fringe. You can't see it as much in the photos but there are a lot of thoughtful touches in this dress. The silk is lined throughout the body but not in the sleeves, so the sleeves have more movement and in-person there is a gauze effect and you can see the faint outline of my arms. The feather section is smartly attached with a zipper, which makes the dress a bit more versatile and easier to transport in a suitcase. It originally had a ruffle collar as well, but it felt a little clown collar-y to me, so I had it removed and turned the fabric into a scrunchie. 
Photo from ModSens
The rest of the outfit was accessorized for practicality. I think this dress would look sexy with bare legs and heels, but as you can imagine, flats make a lot more sense in that terrain. In order to make the outfit a bit more Western, I wore a black leather jacket (not pictured) and added a hand-carved cowboy hat bolo tie that my dad randomly had. Yeehaw. 

3. The Wedding - Dress Code: Black tie Optional
Suit | Theory
Cummerbund | Kimhekim
Shoes | Coclico
      Something about a black tie optional dress code made me immediately want to wear a suit to this wedding. Mine is from a Theory outlet store and I purchased it back in 2013 as my first real, grown-up suit. It still fits great and is in great condition. I wanted to look sharp but not corporate so I picked out my lowest v-neck top, hoping it would look like I'm wearing nothing under the blazer. The top crept up every now and then so the illusion is broken a little bit in some of these photos. The other big piece is that cummerbund. The cummerbund is from Paris-based haute couture brand Kimhekim, which was founded by a Korean designer and which I purchased in December of 2018. I absolutely love the oversized pearl buttons and the way that the fabric sits between them. Up close the fabric has a very subtle tweed pattern. I should wear it more often and think it would look cute especially in the fall, over other blazers, long sleeve dresses or maybe even sweaters paired with jeans.
     It was fun being able to take some risks and really get dressed up and you'll have to take my word for it that the bride and groom looked incredible. 
Have you been to any weddings since the start of Covid? Did dressing for them fill you with a sense of excitement or dread?


  1. Now that you have dipped your toe into Western wear, I hope you continue to find opportunities for that amazing bolo tie.

    1. Haha here's hoping it'll be the start of a bolo tie renaissance for me

  2. Wow, I love that cummerbund! What a cool way to add visual interest to a classic suit silhouette!

    1. Thanks! I'd love to try and make one, although it looks like it might be deceptively tricky to sew.