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Office Attire

     Recently, every time I open Instagram I swipe the app closed about 10 seconds later. It feels noisy and chaotic, which I'm taking as a reminder that if I want good old-fashioned fashion content I should get back to writing and reading blogs. I did some travel in April that involved a week of working in-person in an office - an office that crucially had a pretty good bathroom selfie-mirror. I was equipped with only a very small portion of my wardrobe, so I thought I'd share my actual week of carry-on-suitcase work outfits. To set the stage: it was in the Bay Area, so the weather was temperate (and hot a few days) and the dress code was lax. 
      I started the week with a dress that I've had for almost 6 years! The jean jacket is secondhand and the shoes are from Nordstrom Rack. I seem to always buy my shoes there and actually the two pairs of shoes in this post are both from there.
Dress | 8telier
Shoes | Dr. Scholl's
Jacket | Levi's (secondhand)
      Next, is one of those outfits that I don't think photographs very well, so you'll have to take my word for it that it is cooler and slouchier in person. The silk skirt I made myself (the pattern is the free Peppermint Wrap Skirt and the silk is an amazing sandwashed navy silk that I bought in Dubai during a mega-sale). The skirt has really nice movement when I walk, whereas I do admit that in these photos it sort of looks like a big block. The sweater is a very thin, soft cashmere, so suffice to say it was a luxurious fabrics day for me.
Skirt | Me Made
Sweater | Inhabit
     For mid-week, I bought out the color and print. The duster is actually a secondhand fast fashion dress that has a few missing buttons, so I figured why not commit and wear it all the way unbuttoned? I love the print and the puff sleeves and it received a lot of compliments from other ladies in the office (and the parking lot).
Dress | Zara (secondhand)
Tank | David Lerner (old brand, tank from 2015)
Jeans | Rag & Bone (secondhand)
      Then the weather started cooling down, and I was a little out of styling juice. This is pretty uniform: it's navy trousers, a black cashmere t-shirt, and a varsity jacket, for a little sporty impact. Like the dress in the second photo, this varsity jacket AND these trousers are from 2016. I really think 2016 was a banner clothing year for me because I wear items that I brought that year all the time. Here's hoping 2022 can be another such year because despite loving care all three items are starting to show their age and I'm not sure they'll make it another 5 years.
Jacket | Rag & Bone (secondhand)
Pants | Rebecca Taylor
Shoes | Cole Haan
     At the end of the week, I bring it on home by repeating the skirt but adding an amazing new (secondhand) All Saints jacket. Over the weekend I was able to do some secondhand shopping with my secondhand shopping partner-in-crime and I scored this jacket (and a few other things). I almost didn't get it because I was trying to be practical about suitcase space issues but she talked some sense in to me and of course I've been wearing it non-stop ever since. I love the unusual deep square neckline, which looks good layered on just about everything.
Top | Vince
Jacket | All Saints (secondhand)
     There you have it. Where are you looking for outfit inspiration these days? Are you dressing for an office? Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love that silk skirt you made! And yeah, I know what you mean about Instagram, these days my main feed has absolutely nothing to offer me, what it shows me is just so chaotic (not necessarily what I want to see from the people I follow). I do still like Stories from some people I follow and to look at tagged or other posts for some brands that I'm inspired by, but the amount of time it takes to find content I'm interested in is probably not really worth it.

    1. Thank you! I think because I made it (so theoretically I could do it again) I wear it all the time, whereas some of my other silk clothes don't get into the rotation that often, because I'm worried I'll ruin them.
      Also, agreed.

  2. Yea, it's crazy how once you stop using them, you don't miss them.