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Review: Stuart Weitzman Rockerchic Boot

Update 10/12/16 - The Rockerchic are now on sale for 30% off here.
Hello legs.
My journey to becoming an OTK boot owner has taken a while. I love the look now but was worried that this might be a trend that would look dated in another year - I didn’t want to purchase, only to have my affection fade. On top of that, there are a lot of options at widely different price points: flat or heeled, suede or not, here or there, now or later! (Ok, maybe not those last two.)
Stuart Weitzman is a clear leader in the field and it sometimes feels like every blog in existence has featured the Lowland or Highland boots, but I didn’t want to pay $800 + tax! I am sure they are very lovely boots, but I can’t do it. 
I knew I wanted suede and a color that wasn’t black. I ultimately ended up purchasing the Stuart Weitzman Rockerchic in Fossil Suede, which I am very pleased with. These are not cheap (retailing for only $100 less than the Lowland and Highland), but unlike those two, these can be found on sale! In fact, the Rockerchic boots are 50% off here, in limited sizes, and in two different colors and with more sizes, on 6pm.com.

The box came with a piece of rubber that I assumed was excess packaging - it turned out, it cleans the suede haha - so don't throw yours out!
I love these boots. They are buttery soft and cool as hell. The cut is slouchier than the Lowland, and they have a loose fit around the leg. However, they are uniformly baggy (if that makes sense) and don't start tight around the ankle and then flare out. I typically prefer flats to heels, and I knew that if I purchased a flat boot, I was much more likely to wear them casually. The shaft height is 23 inch, and I found that these boots fit TTS.

I'll have to learn how to keep these clean.....
I read a few reviews that said these boots were not OTK, but they are on me (I'm 5'2''). When I wear them with jeans, they stay up just fine. With just thin socks they don't slouch too much but I could see them becoming looser as they break in. I can also push them down to be below-the-knee boots if I choose.

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