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Saturday Reading + Next Steps

This was a difficult week, which is why I took a break from posting, and it didn't feel right to just pick up again like nothing happened. A lot of things have been said and written, by people more eloquent than I, but I think the hardest part for me was the whiplash of being excited to watch the inauguration of the nation's first female president, to feeling like the glass ceiling is suddenly made of brick. Guess I'll have to learn to use a jack hammer. 

In some lighter news:
1. An oldie but goodie: All The Times President Obama Lost His Chill Around Kids (Buzzfeed).

2. From Racked, a list of organizations that could use your donations.

3. Tips for Wearing Glitter Make-Up (Into the Gloss)

4. An article on how record breaking the sales on Singles' Day, in China were (The Fashion Law)

5. And lastly, for anyone who doesn't know (which I can't believe is anyone at this point), the Gilmore Girls returns to Netflix in two weeks! For the 5 days leading up to the release, I will be posting a series of outfits inspired by my favorite GG characters. If you'd like to participate, send me your pics at style.dtour@gmail.com and I'll include them in a post!


  1. Interesting article from NYT on how the fashion world will or will not work with the Trumps.


    I think they are getting a little ahead of themselves. Melania is new to politics, so I don't think we should overread into her choices on the campaign trail.

  2. Thanks! I hadn't seen that article and enjoyed it. It'll be interesting to see what the designers do.