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Weekend Reading

Cardigan | Target
Dress | Theory
Shoes | Matt Bernson
 I didn't have time for proper photos this week, but here are two work looks, and some links for your weekend enjoyment. It is supposed to be hot in the city this weekend and I can't wait to get dressed. It is so rarely "hot" that the chance to wear shorts, or a cut-out dress often makes me feel overwhelmed, like I should do an outfit change in the middle of the day to make sure I get to wear all my warm weather clothes. 

 This cocktail dress is a favorite of mine, with its little cape-lette in the back. All I have to do is cover the bare shoulders with a cardigan,  and then I can also wear it to work. 
 The other outfit features a delightful pair of linen pants. I inevitably put them on in the morning and wonder why I wear them so infrequently. By the time I got home, I was reminded that it is because every time I even think about moving, these pants add another crease. I was a wrinkly mess by the time I got home, so thankfully I took these photos in the morning. 
Top | Nordstrom Collection
Pants | Halogen

For your weekend perusal:
1. Did you hear the Real Real recently raised $50 million in venture funding? Also, apparently they are opening a brick & mortar location (!) although sadly, it will be in New York. (Racked)

2. An interesting look at the CFDA Awards from Fashionista, and how almost all the nominees were men. So they ask, Does the Fashion Industry Have a Gender Equality Issue?

3. This is a bit older, but if you haven't, you should read this interview with Stacy London from Man Repeller

4. Have you ever wanted to see the cast of OITNB in jumpsuits, jumping on trampolines? Well, it is your lucky day. Also, are you watching the new season? I started it but couldn't make it through the first episode, it just isn't grabbing me. (InStyle)

5. Lastly, Walmart acquired Bonobos, and not to be outdone, (and not quite fashion related), Amazon acquired Whole Foods! People are throwing that paper around. (NYT)

Have a good weekend! 

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