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Fiery Sunset + Weekend Reading

Dress | J. Crew Monday Dress (sold out, but some other red items are below)
Shoes | Coclico
     The weather in the Bay Area has basically turned, and it is officially foggier, rainier, and chillier from here on out. That being said, we had a few last random days of hot 80 degree weather, and I was inspired to be a bit bold. This is a basic cotton dress I bought on final sale, solely because of the color. If given the choice between red and (i) black (ii) grey, or (iii) any color in the navy-family, I usually pick the latter (I never think I look that good in red) but the name of the color of this dress was Fiery Sunset. How can you turn that down? It feels so much more exciting and encouraging than red. For crying out loud, a woman at work told me I looked saucy.

Frankly, I felt pretty saucy...the dress is now sold out, but I've included some other fiery sunset items below. Also, here are some links, for your weekend perusal:

2. Did anyone participate in the Erdem x H&M collaboration? I forgot about it until a few hours into the morning of the launch date, at which point it was sold out. 

3. An article on the art historian Linda Nochlin, who died recently, and wrote the famous article "Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?" (The Cut). 

4. Amazon is coming for you, Ikea (Curbed).

5. I read Lindy West's new book, Shrill, Notes From A Loud Woman, which I thought was a funny and thoughtful quick-read and would recommend. In case you've never heard her This American Life episode, where she talks about confronting one of her Internet trolls, here is a link

6. Speaking of podcasts, Unstyled by Refinery 29 is back with new episodes. I frankly don't understand why there aren't more fashion podcasts (or maybe there are and I just don't know about them). At first, I thought it would be a hard subject matter to discuss, since fashion is so visual, but there are literally hundreds if not thousands of sports based podcasts and that visual medium has transitioned to a podcast format just fine.

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