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Modern Citizen Clothing
Top | Modern Citizen
Jeans | DL191
Shoes | Coclico
Purse | Mansur Gavriel
     I am somewhat surprised to say that I avoided all of the clearance sales that start after Christmas and continue into the new year, and that I have not bought any clothes, shoes, accessories or jewelry in the year 2018. Nada. This definitely isn't a value judgement - I like shopping. I think it is, however, a continuation of what I started to express in my year end superlatives post, that I am really happy with my wardrobe at the moment, although it could be better organized to display what I do have, for all those mornings I stand in front of it and feel like nothing I see speaks to me. Also, to be frank, I don't really have a ton of room left in my closet. My hangers are packed in tight and, when I am lazy about folding my sweaters, the overstuffed knitwear drawer is difficult to close. 
     I definitely do intend to buy clothes, shoes, and accessories this year, but for now, I suspect a clean-out and reorg is next on the docket.   
Modern Citizen Clothing Review

     In other news, this top is one that I really like, but also discovered is difficult to photograph, since it just reflects so much light! (In the future I will give it a try in front of a dark colored wall.) It has a layer of ruffle along the bottom that comes up in a "V" in the back, and mirrors a flattering "V" dip at the top of the blouse (this is most evident in the first photo). It is a Bay Area, new-to-me-brand Modern Citizen (read more about their female founding team here), and I am wearing an XS. I bought it on sale and it looks like, unfortunately, it isn't available on their website anymore. 
     I think it would also look amazing with a high-waisted pencil skirt, with a high enough rise that the back doesn't expose skin (assuming I am wearing it to work), and probably equally cute with shorts in the summer. I paired it with very modern black accessories (bucket bag - although I guess how modern is that now...., and unusual shoes) to keep it from looking overly frilly or girly. 
Modern Citizen Review
Modern Citizen Top
Is your closet well organized? If so, did you do it yourself or use a book/framework to achieve it?
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