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Top | Vintage
Pants | Rag & Bone (secondhand)
Shoes | Paul Green
Bag | Mansur Gavriel
     The backdrop here is the Legion of Honor, which is a museum in San Francisco. I never realized, until I looked it up to write this, but the building (per Wikipedia) is a full-scale replica of the French Pavilion at the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition, which was itself a smaller-scale version of the French Palais de la Legion d'Honneur. It was a gift to the city constructed in the 1920's and given by Alma de Bretteville Spreckels (great name), who was a philanthropist and also the wife of a sugar magnate (how sweet).

     My natural inclination was to dress for the occasion, and in this case, that means vintage. In this particular case, it also means that my reign of having not purchased any clothing in the year 2018 is over.  I recently made my way to The Vintage Net's store in Berkeley, which was amazing! (In case you live around there, their website is pretty lean, and the store has a much larger selection.) The space was really cute and the woman who was working there (Leah or maybe Lia) was very friendly and answered all 100 questions I had about different pieces. I don't know a ton about vintage (in particular the brands) and I'm always trying to learn more. Generally, I just look at fabric quality and fit, and if an item looks too fragile. In particular, their selection of jewelry really stood out to me and while I didn't buy any jewelry, I did end up taking this top, which is a 1950's lace top with a silk ribbon tie around the waist. It is long enough to tie in a bow, however, I liked the way it looked tied in simple knot. I paired it with jeans with a rise high enough to come up to the bottom of the top and show only a hint of skin when I walk (I feel like full on midriff isn't the vibe I usually go for at a museum....usually). I think it would also be very cute with high waisted trousers or a high waisted pencil skirt.
     I am also really proud of these photos I surreptitiously took and how well they turned out - in particular that first photo. You are allowed to take photos, but something about being by yourself and taking photos of yourself always gives me pause when there are a bunch of other people around. The invention of the self-timer really is a game changer for the solo blogger.
Do you ever shop vintage? Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I really need to shop more vintage. Loved this look - chic, simple, and fitting for the location! And I know the nerves/ weirdness of taking photos of yourself by yourself! But conquering that is rewarding. :)

    Catherine X

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! It definitely takes more time to shop vintage (at least it does for me) but is often when I find the coolest treasures.