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Style Dtour: Boston

     As I've mentioned before, I like to souvenir shop at secondhand clothing stores when I am traveling in a new city. This time it was Boston and I was pretty pleased with what I found. I was also incredibly pleased with the Boston museums. I had a chance to visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner and the Museum of Fine Arts and highly recommend both of them. At the MFA, your ticket allows you to go back to the museum within 10 days, and I wish I'd had time to squeeze in another visit. It is a really large museum and I made the mistake of going there the first time around dinner, so my stomach eventually won out over my desire to stay longer and see the whole collection.
Diane Von Furstenberg 
     I could only visit one consignment or thrift store and used Yelp to narrow it down to somewhere close by with good reviews. I ended up picking Castanet, a consignment store located on the second story of a very cute building (image below). The women working there (I think the owners?) were very friendly and told me to make myself at home. I ended up getting one dress, one top, and one pair of jeans.  
     The dress is, obviously, above. It is a DvF wrap dress with a pleated skirt. The best part is absolutely the fact that the pleated skirt has a different color underneath, and that the skirt lining is also a different contrasting color. It is a little big, so I will probably get the top tailored slightly, and can already think of three places I am going to wear this soon, including an upcoming summer wedding. (Before then though, definitely to work, and also with a sweater over it so it just looks like a fun skirt.)
     The other two items are both new-to-my-wardrobe brands. The top is Akris Punto, and I was initially skeptical about it, because it is polo-y and I don't look great in polo shirts. But, it was on sale so I tried it, and ended up loving it. The jeans are Frame, and I only grabbed them to try on tops with. However, I ended up being persuaded to keep them based on how very soft they were. I don't really need any more jeans, but I only have one other pair of black jeans, and these are so soft. Those are just rationalizations, but still. 
Thankfully, I was able to fit all three items into my carry-on. Have you found any recent secondhand scores?
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  1. That DVF dress is beautiful! Great find! The Gardner museum is really lovely, though I somehow managed to never make it to the MFA, despite having spent four years in the greater Boston area...

    1. Thank you! I, as you might have guessed, strongly recommend the MFA - it totally blew my mind.