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Mexico City: Outfits & Shopping

Windbreaker | Oiselle
Pants | Rag & Bone (secondhand)
Purse | Me Made (Free All Well Full Moon Bag)
     I'm a chronic over-packer, but when I went on a recent trip to Mexico City I restricted myself to a carry-on and purposefully left room in the bag, anticipating I was going to do some shopping. I basically wore the same thing everyday but here is a look at those outfits, along with some photos of the shopping (All of the brands are Mexico based brands and I did not get all of these pieces, btw).
     I think the MVP article of clothing was the above windbreaker, which is the Oiselle April Showers Anorak. I bought it on clearance about two years ago and never really needed it in Dubai, so it's been mostly sitting in my closet. It's very lightweight and has a hood and front zipping pocket. The sleeves have elastic ends so they fit snugly and it is very easy to squash into a ball and fit into my purse (the circle purse above) even when it was full with a wallet, phone, keys and hand sanitizer. I would say it is more water resistant than outright waterproof but worked well when we got caught in the daily light rain. (It was of no use in the full-blown thunderstorm.)
Dress | Athe Vanessa Bruno (secondhand)
     I also wore this silk dress quite a bit, as it has a fun print, roomy fit and pockets. This is also a trip that pushed me to try Tevas for the first time. I've been pretty dismissive of the Teva or Chaco-type sandal, but after realizing I didn't want to take my trusted Birkenstock sandal, since they are leather and there was daily rain, I was looking for something waterproof. The new color-blocked style offerings won me over so I figured what-the-heck and honestly, I like them. I wish the foot bed was a little thicker but they worked in all weather, were comfortable and looked pretty cute.
Dress | Me Made (and will get its own post once I properly photograph it)
Top | Madewell Cactus Button-up (secondhand)
Outdoor Voices Skort
Close up of the cacti.

     As far as the shopping went, the most unexpected treat was the Mexico based label Sandra Weil. Their website said they were having a big end of season sale, so I sought out the boutique, which was a challenge to find. They are in the process of moving their flagship store, so if you go to the address, there is no storefront. You have to ring the bell for the 4th floor and once someone buzzes you in, make you way up and you'll emerge in their temporary boutique (which is one floor above their office). I fell in love with the pleated gold skirt below and can't wait to wear it somewhere fancy. The prices in Mexico are cheaper than what is listed on the US website, which also helped a little. The bustier is how they styled the skirt in a photoshoot, so the saleslady brought it out for me to try. I really loved it but the bustier was too big, and now I've got it in my head to make my own. I also loved the green knit sweatsuit, which was the last one, a size L-XL and on megasale. Even though it is clearly big on me I think it looked oversized in a cool way, and was so comfortable I wasn't going to pass it up. 
     One of the best parts is that they Whatsapp'd me about a sample sale they were having a few days later, a storage clear-out of true one-of-a-kind samples as they prepared to move their store, so I went back and scored some unique pieces. The boutique was full of women for the sample sale so my "dressing room" was the bathroom (pictured below) which was fine by me. 
Carla Fernandez Blazer
Leather bolero from Francisco Cancino (I LOVED almost all of his stuff)
Skirt is Cynthia Buttenklepper
Boilersuit | Agnes
(I'm also really inspired to make my own tie-dye jumpsuit now)

Do you have any luck shopping on vacation? Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh what luck to find yourself in the city during the sample sale! I love clothes shopping while traveling - it doubles as a souvenir!

    1. It was such a pleasant surprise! I totally agree re. souvenirs, it always reminds you of the trip when you wear it.