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The Buzz + Weekend Reading

Call me a bee-keeper 'cause I kept the bee shirt. (Try not to hurt yourself when you do an eye roll there). It ended up being strangely appropriate for this past week, because I was quite the worker bee, due to a more hectic than usual work schedule. Until it normalizes, I just have to keep floating, like a butterfly (ok I'll stop, I'll stop).
My initial instincts were correct in that it needs to be tucked to be worn to work, and that the dramatic sleeves are the best part. I'll be washing/drying this weekend, so we'll see what happens to the sizing.
Top | Victoria Beckham x Target
Jeans | DL1961
Shoes | Cole Haan

 Regardless, you and I have made it to the weekend, so here are some sites for your perusal:

1. A (sadly) word-only peak inside the closet of NYT fashion critic, Vanessa Friedman (New York Times)

2. A snapshot into the life of Elle fashion director, Samira Nasr (The Cut)

3. The people at People try to do like Kate Middleton and only carry a small clutch.

4. I have a white button down, but if only I had the rest of the accessories featured in How to Style A White Shirt For a Week (Man Repeller); and

5. Have you heard - WalMart might be acquiring men's fashion company, Bonobos, much to their fan's dismay (Glossy).

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  1. Thanks for the list of interesting articles! How do you find the quality of cole haan shoes? I'm interested in buying a pair of flats from them :)

    1. Hi! I have two pairs of Cole Haan shoes, the flats in this post, and a pair of boots. I really love both of them and find them to be well made, comfortable, etc. These flats are the Sabrina Loafer, and I bought them in 2014 and still wear them constantly. However, I recently tried the current version of the Sabrina loafer and I really did not like them and returned them. They weren't as comfortable as the old ones and I feel like the material did not feel as substantial.
      I guess long story short - I think they can be a little hit or miss, but when they are good they are really good. It might be worth seeing the ones you have your eye on, in person, if you have the option.