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Ice Cold

I just got a haircut - can you spot any differences?
Top | Rebecca Taylor
Shorts | Anine Bing
Shoes | Paul Green
     This type of top is known as a cold-shoulder top - it tries to have its cake and eat it too, by evoking the cut of an off-the-shoulder top, while still allowing you to move your arms freely and wear a regular bra. These have been popping up all over stores and apparently, are a bit divisive (at least they are among my friend group, although thankfully not divisive enough that it stopped my friend Jess from stepping in as my photographer). 
     I also don't like many of them (in particular, when it is a cold-shoulder sweater, as that seems to defeat the purpose of a sweater), but I do love this one =). It is Rebecca Taylor, and was found at Saks Off Fifth. I like that there is a little tie on the sleeve (noticeable in the photo below) so you can cinch it all the way up, or let it fall, like I currently have it, and I like the little window detailing on the flutter sleeve. 

As I was venturing to a warmer climate, I paired them with a new pair of silk shorts, and tucked in the top, creating a faux romper effect. I spent quite a while looking for the perfect adult summer shorts. It is a bit hard because I wanted something that (i) wasn't denim, (ii) wasn't too long and not too short, (iii) didn't have an elastic waist, and (iv) had pockets. This pair is Anine Bing (a brand I had never heard of) and, per Google, looks like it is the eponymous line of a fashion blogger. They are a nice soft silk, and while I wouldn't pay full price for them (and didn't, thanks to the magic of Nordstrom Rack) I have high hopes for them, and this top, this summer. 
I'm still working on my "sitting" poses.
What say you on the cold-shoulder debate?


  1. I've been saying no to cold shoulder tops. (Off the shoulder tops definitely don't work on me at all, and I've been lumping the two types of tops into one category.) I think yours is a really good take on the look, though! The ties and adjustability look like they are really fun details, and I don't think I've seen anything like that in stores while I've been shopping.

    1. Thanks! Both cold shoulder and off-the-shoulder have been everywhere! I think we've reached peak shoulder-related-tops (or so we'll see)...