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New Jeans

Top | Amour Vert
Blazer | Theory
Pants | Rag & Bone Dre Jeans
Belt | Talbots
Shoes | Cole Haan
     For me, 2017 has really been a "the days seem long but the year seems short" kind of year. I've had a bit of a posting hiatus while I sort out a few things and wind down the year. I am, however, looking forward to going through all my 2017 purchases and figuring out my best and worst purchases of the year. 

    Honestly, a late-breaking stand-out item that has a shot at the title is this pair of jeans. I wanted new jeans (none of mine seem to fit just how I want them to fit) and in particular I was looking for a slouchy boyfriend cut. I found these at Crossroads Trading Company, and was able to use a trade-in gift card, so all I had to pay was the tax. They are Rag & Bone (made in USA) and a great black-ish color that, up close, sort of makes your brain wonder if they are somehow dark dark navy. I love the way they are loose (but uniformly so) and that even though they are slouchy, they don't fall down or slide off my hips. I felt monochromatic that day, so I paired them with a grey blazer, grey belt and striped black top that made me feel like a very chic mime. 
I don't think this means I'm over the skinny jean, but it just might mean I'm open to other jean-realities. What is your current favorite cut of jean?


  1. Mid rise, straight leg. Also very upset with the trend of the season for all work pants to be ankle length. It’s winter. My ankles need fabric too.

    1. Haha - as you know, I am on-board with ankle length because usually that shorter rise is the perfect length for me.

  2. I'm now in the market for new jeans now, though I'm still stuck on skinny jeans, I think. They're the only jean silhouette I've worn for probably 8-9 years now! (And I only really wear fairly slim-fit work pants too, so I don't explore alternative looks in that part of my wardrobe either.)

    1. Skinny jeans really have staying power. I am so used to seeing myself in them that sometimes even seeing other silhouettes in the dressing room will look totally strange to me.