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What a Waste

    When I moved to Dubai, I was curious about what the secondhand scene would be and I came expecting nothing. So far, I would say that there isn't really one, although I recently had a few leads on places to check out, so I remain optimistic. (When I'm being very optimistic I think maybe I can help start a secondhand scene here!) But back to the here and now I recently discovered a new company, Only Ethikal, that focuses on more sustainable fashion, so I'm counting that as a pretty big win.
I ended up changing out the sandals above for a more comfortable pair to actually wander around in
     I met the founder (who was very cool) at a fashion week event in a "Eco Pop-up" subsection of the event. She had left her more traditional finance job and started the company, promoting brands that focus on things like up-cycled fabric, fair wages and a healthy working environment. Also, the designs were really cute and almost everything she sold had pockets, so of course I had to support her and buy a dress. We joked about how a lot of people in Dubai seem to find the concept of used clothing pretty unappealing and she mentioned that initially a lot of people balked at the fact that she referred to the clothes as made from industrial or fabric waste (I think this is the same as what I've heard in the States referred to as deadstock fabric). Which, haha, fair enough.
     Anyway, here is the dress. The fabric is really light and breathable making it easy to wear in the sun, it is modest yet cute and, as I mentioned, I'm very into the pockets. 
    I'll get to brainstorming on a better name for the fabric and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love this dress on you, and I really like that color combo. I've lived abroad and studied abroad in the past, but never thought to explore the secondhand scene. (It would have been reasonably robust for handbags in Hong Kong - I noticed lots of stores reselling used luxury handbags out there, but not sure about clothes.)

    1. Thank you! Yea, it is always fun seeing what is popular secondhand in a place.