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Ring Things

     Do you ever have an idea that, while it almost certainly isn't original, is one you thought of before anyone told it to you, and so it makes you particularly proud of it? For me, my Anniversary Ring is such an idea.
     Every year, on our anniversary, my gift from my main squeeze is a ring, purchased at some point during the past year. It doesn't have to be expensive or a have a particular look or feel. A perfect example would be one we found at a secondhand shop while traveling. After 20 or 30 years of marriage I'll have a diverse collection of rings that carry a lot of significance, evoke memories from throughout our relationship and that I can rotate through wearing depending on my outfit. I also have something to keep an eye out for whenever we are traveling and there is no guesswork over what to get me for our anniversary. A win-win, if I say so myself.
    Enter: this year's ring, which is pictured above, along with my minimalist wedding band. Since we didn't really do any traveling this past year, for obvious reasons, the ring was going to have to be local. Thinking about what would signify Dubai, we decided on gold (which normally I'm not a big fan of - I know I'm in the minority with that take, but I prefer silver, visually). Gold is a big business here and "...an estimated 20% to 40% of the world's gold stocks pass through Dubai every year." The jewelry prices follow the daily gold market rate, so they fluctuate, and - you can haggle. So off we went to the Gold & Diamond Park (it was our first time there and it is basically a mall dedicated only to fine jewelry) and found the ring above, which stood out thanks to its bright colors and unusual halo shape. The best part is that the jeweler had their workshop in a warehouse behind the Park so we got to immediately go and watch it being cut, blow-torched and polished while it was resized. I'm sure I'll never forget this past year, ring or not, but at least this was certainly a sweet memory to cap it off.
    Do you have any traditions for important anniversaries (romantic or otherwise)? Would you like to have some? Thanks for stopping by.

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