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Romantic Ruffles

I love the romantic detail on this sweater, but it is yet another piece I owe that can't really be layered. The ruffles, like the sweater itself, are made of a fairly thick material, so they create uncomfortable bunching under anything fitted in the shoulder. That being said, I love the ruffles, the color, and the feel of this sweater, so I just bide my time for appropriate weather, and then, boom, all ruffles all day.
Sweater | Banana Republic
Pants | Paige
As an aside - does anyone have care recommendations for their sweaters? I think you aren't supposed to hang them because it can stretch them out, especially in the shoulders, but for one like this, if I fold it and put it in a drawer, it literally takes up a third of the drawer. What would Marie Kondo do?
Some other ruffle options are below:


  1. Fold back the sleeves and sides of the sweater, then instead of folding it further into a square, hang it on a hanger in half.