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Office Snuggie

Cardigan | 8telier
Pants | See Thru Soul
Boots | Fyre Dorado Riding
 I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but my office is freezing. Add to that the fact that I am someone who is typically always cold, and it is rough. Rough my friends. As such, I am always looking for something that can essentially function as an office blanket. This cardigan by 8telier is pretty darn close. It is soft, warm, and sort of has a blanket-essence about it, but it is also definitely work appropriate. I also love that it has different colors on the outside and the liner. If it only had pockets, I would probably layer it over my other clothes everyday. 
Also, to answer what is your obviously your next question, yes, those are two life size "little drummer boys" in the photo behind me. 
I added a pin - to give it a little something-something. 
When you're cold at work - how do you cope?

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