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Splish Splash

Riddle me this: why do trench coats almost never have hoods? It seems like putting a hood on a water resistant garment would be an obvious choice. Apparently, the trench coat first came to prominence during World War I (read more about it, from the Smithsonian) - so maybe a hood just wasn't practical on the battlefield and the classic design stuck?  

With the sweater fully unzipped.
Needless to say, on this particular day, my body stayed dry, but my hair got soaking wet. Next time, I will remember an umbrella. 
Sweater | J. Crew
Dress | Rag & Bone
Shoes | Cole Haan
Trench | Banana Republic
Bag | Cuyana
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  1. Love this outfit! I have my own dramatic side-slit gray sweater that I also like pairing with dresses sometimes.

    1. Thanks! I love the fact that you can leave fully zipped, or unzip completely for maximum drama.