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One More Week

Sweater | Lemaire for Uniqlo
Pants | See Thru Soul
Tank | Everlane
Shoes | Stuart Weitzman Rockerchic (review here)
 This week is going to feel so long. After this week I am going on a vacation (woop), so I just need to power through, and keep my eyes on the relaxation prize at the end of the tunnel. Also, there might be a bit of a posting hiatus while I am gone, but hopefully when I get back I will have a lot of exciting travel pictures. Those will probably mostly consist of pretty locations, and me in basically the same outfit over and over, because I am trying to get away with only doing carry-on luggage, haha. I know - when I put it like that, you can't wait, right?
These photos are from this past weekend, and while it was a bit chilly, it was not raining, so I took the opportunity to bust out my trusty OTK suede boots. Of course, it did start raining, so I had to make a mad dash for it, while trying to mindfully avoid puddles. Everything about this outfit is soft (I am so texture focused), from the suede boots, stretchy pants, smooth knits, and the silky tank. These boots, which I first reviewed almost a year ago, continue to look and feel great, and I am so glad that OTK boots are still a thing. I would probably wear them even if they were not, but it doesn't hurt. Overall, a great casual weekend look, even if it isn't very practical in the rain. 
How is your week looking? Thanks for stopping by!

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