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Best Clothing of 2020 (Me Made)

Top - Bobbinhood Kids Crewneck (Free) /  Pants - Hacked McCall's 7610

     Almost a year ago to the day, I sat down to try and sew my first piece of clothing, turned on my sewing machine, forgot that since I bought it in the States it wasn't the right voltage and then promptly heard a loud pop, followed by the lights in our apartment going out, since I had tripped the circuit breaker. I thought the machine was dead (it's not like I could plug it in again to see if it was still operational) and it felt like the sewing gods were really raining on my parade. A few days later + a voltage transformer I plugged in the machine again and was delighted to find out that only the lightbulb on the machine was blown, and the rest seemed to be working fine. I then sat down and made my first piece of clothing: a laughably bad skirt (sadly I only have the one photo and no pictures of the inside - also please note that one sad button). I knew it was rough but was so psyched that I even styled it and sent a picture to my friends (who still receive way too many photos of my clothes and are continuously supportive). Afterward I watched a few hours of sewing videos and a few days later tried again. The second one was a lot better (and looked a hell of a lot closer to the picture on the pattern).

      I've basically sewn something almost every week since. I've repurposed most of my early (really bad) projects into fabric for testers, linings, pockets etc. but I've kept a few things to remind me of how far I've come. I'm really proud of what I've been able to learn the last year and am so glad I started learning to sew in the age of the internet. With minimal comment, here are some of the projects that I was most excited about or were otherwise important to me over the last year. 

April 2020. Peppermint Magazine Peplum Top (Free). This top was the project where I finally felt like I was getting somewhere. The insides were much cleaner and it fit really well. 

May 2020. McCall's 7948. I love and still wear this dress all the time. It's made out of a cheaper/simple quilting cotton that I picked solely for the color. I'm planning to do another one in a nicer fabric.   

June 2020.The sweater was made out of two fast-fashion ones that I hacked and sewed into something new and I think it has a nice modern sportswear aesthetic. This was also basically my gateway drug to knit fabric, which definitely commanded my attention the second half of the year.
June 2020. I made this without a pattern and while I do think some beginner's luck was involved I love how this turned out. This is one where I look at the photos and can't believe I made that. It's also in this Cup of Jo article (which was/is awesome). 
July 2020. Wiksten Harem Pants. Also, before we get to the knitwear, I bring you baby pants, of which I made quite a few pairs this year as gifts for various pregnant friends. They have french seams (ooh la la) and are so cute when finished. 
August 2020. Hacked Peppermint Magazine Boxer Shorts (Free). I don't wear this much now that I have the sweatsuit but this colorful pajama set was a big step forward in figuring out sewing with knits.

November 2020. My MVP of the year. I really wanted to make a sweatsuit and will say that it required a lot of work and learning of new techniques. They are super soft and fuzzy and wearing them feels like wearing a hug from myself to myself. I accidentally got a little bit of bleach on one the other day and the wail that I let out was frightening. Thankfully, I can always make another. 
November 2020. Klum House Fremont. I've also started exploring the world of bags. I bought myself a bag making book for Xmas and am hoping to do a lot of experimenting with it in 2021. This one was part of a kit from Klum House, so it came with all the materials you need, which is way more convenient than having to track down leather washers or waxed canvas, but I'll have to do that eventually if I want to make more.
December 2020. A simple pair of perfectly fitting pants, carefully/patiently made. A lady I met through sewing drafted the pattern for me, based on my measurements, and she also recommended a book on pattern drafting, so I bought that too. Another place I might start to experiment next year.
December 2020. Megan Nielsen Cottesloe. I'm not sure why but I am fixated with the idea of sewing swimwear. I'm including this suit on this list because I've spent many hours dedicated to that goal but so far I've only been semi-happy with the outcomes. I've disliked a lot of the patterns out there and am still searching for the right one, or one I can modify to fit my body.
December 2020. Pattydoo Hoodie. The coolest thing I've made all year. The photos don't do it justice but this was a gift for a friend. She looks amazing in it and it suits her, so, although making clothes for someone else was way more stressful than I anticipated, it was worth it. 

There you have it. What was the last new hobby you fell in love with? Or what would you like it to be? 
I hope you have a happy new year and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Lots of cool projects! I especially like that sweater you put together from two fast fashion ones, and also the lounge sets (especially the colorblock sweatpants!) and colorblock sweatshirt you made.

    I got into fountain pens and stationery in 2020, and it's a fun hobby that's very amenable to being enjoyed at home while living in a small space. It's basically just for personal enjoyment, since I don't really write anything worth keeping long-term in my journals or planners, but it makes me happy to look at all my colorful inks!

    1. Thank you! I am really into hoodie/fleecy material right now, which given the climate here even in the "winter" is the ultimate example of the heart wanting what it can't have haha.

      Also, fountain pens and stationary are so pretty and always catch my eye. I bet friends/family might enjoy extra fancy postcards or something.

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