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Frida's Garden


    (Sorry this is pushing twice, the new version of Blogger has a button - in a place of prominence - that un-publishes your post and I accidentally clicked on it.) I'm not sure it has been a particularly joyful start to 2021 for me, but at least one of my first sewing projects of the new year is radiating enough joy for both of us. The first time I wore this dress out, I got in my building's elevator and immediately got a compliment from a lady, which is about as good as you can do when it comes to outfit feedback.
      I absolutely fell in love with this Alexander Henry fabric print, entitled, Frida's Garden. It was on sale at one of my favorite CA fabric shops so I decided to treat myself and order, hoping the discount mostly offset international shipping. I knew it needed to be made into a party dress, and I look forward to wearing this to any and all bbqs, bashes and birthday parties once we're all able to safely have those again. 

     For the bodice I used the Crafterpreneur's Catarina dress pattern and then hacked on my own multi-tier skirt (which at this point I feel like I'm getting pretty good at making). I ended up needing more fabric than I thought I would, but was still able to make sure I lined up my favorite part of the print in the middle of the bodice. I added pockets, naturally, and also decided to add an exposed zipper using this tutorial. I assumed an exposed zipper would be easier to install, since half the battle with an invisible zipper is making sure no one can see it, but I was wrong. (The tutorial was quite good, it was definitely user error.) It could be it was because it was my first one, though, so I'll definitely be trying it again. The bodice in the pattern is supposed to be lined, but once I got the fabric it was a bit heavier than I was expecting, and keeping in mind the weather here I decided to ditch the lining and just bias bind the edges. It ended up being a lot of work to make it look neat (especially the key hole back) and I think next time, I'll just line the darn thing.

     The shoes are Tory Burch and a 2016 Nordstrom Rack purchase. While they look good with a lot of outfits, I think this dress is the one they were waiting for. The dress has also already proved to be pretty versatile. I layered it underneath the top of this dress and it makes it look brand new! I love how it still looks dramatic even though most of the print is hidden. 

It also transitions well to a sweatshirt lifestyle, paired here with one I picked up in Mexico City, and which never fails to put a smile on my face.
How is your year going so far? Thanks for stopping by?


  1. Love this dress, and that last styling is so fun. How do cropped sweatshirts work with everything?

    1. Thanks! Also agreed - I could even use a shorter one that is cropped to my high waist.