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I love a multi-functional piece, and don't understand why more designers do not include detachable elements - a pop-out liner is something I first saw in snowboarding jackets, and it makes so much sense!

For when it is chilly outside - this jacket is prepared, with a fur lined hood, (sorry it isn't very visible in this photo), faux-shearling liner, and field jacket shell. 

               s...                                   ...c
                    t...                         ...h
                         o...               ...a
The hood zips off and the shearling is attached with these ingenious buttons that line the jacket, so all you have to do is unbutton the buttons and...
..voila - you are left with a lightweight jacket shell. The fact that it all comes apart also makes it possible for me to detach and easily wash everything, but the hood, in the washing machine. 
Jacket: Patterson J. Kincaid (old - from Crossroads Trading Co.)
Dress: Three Dots
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman (read my review here)
Bag: Bungalow 360 Tote
All I have to do is pick my desired level of warmth, and away I go!

I am similarly quite taken those wool jackets that zip at the waist to become a moto jacket. Do you have a favorite piece that transforms?

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