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A Tale of Two Shoes

I'm like a Dickensian clothes-horse today, as I've got a tale of two shoes.They probably could not be more different (other than the fact that they are both open toe) but yet they both work with this weekend outfit. First up, its the crunchy hippie classic - the Birkenstock. 
When I first saw these sandals come back into the main stream (fully realizing that for some people, they never left) I told myself it was trendy nonsense and I would not buy a pair, which is basically like a cosmic guarantee that I would end up owning one. Even though my parents, and my friends, make fun of me, I love them. They are sooooo comfortable, and I think kind of cute. It is also a little hard to make out in these photos, but these have white, patent straps, and pink soles. The Birkenstock website says "...add 31 to women's US size and 33 to men's US sizing to determine Birkenstock size". For me, that ended up running a full size large, and it could depend on the kind you are interested in. These are the Arizona, purchased through Amazon, but you can find them on sale lots of places (Amazon, 6pm, etc.)
Top | J Crew Made in America (under $20 - I am in xx-small)
Skirt | Kate Spade
Shoes | Birkenstock Arizona
 On the opposite end of the spectrum, are these tasseled Tory Burch beauties. I found them at Nordstrom Rack (where I feel like I buy all my shoes these days), and they were marked down on clearance, with an extra 25% off. I honestly did a mini triumphant fist pump in the shoe section, and tried them on immediately. They match this skirt, and bring out the orange thread, although I can't wait to wear them with jeans or solid colored dresses for a little visual punch. 

They are like shoe piñatas. 

What is your favorite pair of sandals, and will you wear them long after open-toe weather has faded away? Any recent purchases that made you giddy?


  1. I did a little celebratory fist pump in the Nordstrom Rack shoe rack during the sale this past weekend too!

    I found a pair of Pedro Garcia white leather sandals that fit perfectly and are insanely comfy for $80 as compared to $450. :)