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If you had to wear the same work outfit for a week, what would it be?

This post is inspired by one that Adina of BlueCollarRed Lipstick did a bit back about the platonic closet. Essentially, she went through and picked one item in each category of her closet, that was most indicative of her personal style. I don't currently have the time (and maybe, if we are being honest, the discipline) to complete this exercise myself but I have been thinking about it and realized that I do have an ideal work outfit, and if I had to wear it every day for a week, this would be it. I think it nicely incorporates my love of solids, unique subtle details, and streamlined silhouettes.
Top | Ted Baker Osster Embellished Top (very similar, in pink)
Pants | Diane von Furstenberg Gennifer 2
Shoes | Coclico Pink Flat
First off, it definitely involves pants - they protect you from over-zealous office air-conditioning, and you can sit cross-legged if the need ever arises. These pants were a Nordstrom Rack find, and are incredibly comfortable. They are navy (my neutral of choice) but have a little bit of a textured fabric (it is sort of hard to see this in the photo) which make them a little more interesting. Plus, there are pockets, so I can carry my phone and clip my office badge onto my pants. I'm not sure how many of you have to wear office badges but it is terrible when you come into work and realize you have nothing to clip it to and then you forget to carry it and subsequently get locked in an elevator bay...hypothetically speaking.
For my top, I have found a blouse that is essentially a pumped up solid. I love the embellishment on this shirt and it helps make up for the fact that I otherwise don't wear a lot of jewelry. The fabric is stretchy and comfortable, and the collar makes it a little more professional, balancing out the short sleeves. 
Close up of the textures. Also of wrinkles. Wrinkles are sort of a texture though.
Upon reviewing these photos, I have decided this look could use some earrings. Or maybe a ring. I finished the outfit with my favorite flats, and boom - I'm ready to work. 
Lastly, this is a shot of the shirt with a skirt, which isn't part of my ideal outfit, but just to show how darn versatile this top is. Do you have a work-piece that embodies your personal style? If you don't - what would it look like?

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